QUESTION TO SAFEPASS CHAIR : (I never thought I’d ever post a memo to a chair but here goes…) What in the heck is “pance” and “conciquence”? (I think our 4th graders can spell better than that!) Second, you say “Bruising is ALWAYS a ‘conciquence’ of c.p.” How do you know this? We do not believe you checked every student who has ever been paddled. As  for us, the light paddles we use were chosen  BECAUSE they do not bruise. And those “pictures” of bruises: All caused by objects in back pockets. That is why we ALWAYS ask the student to check and remove objects from their back pockets.

Final question to “chair”: Did you ever remove those viagra posts from your web site? (I never thought in a million years that I’d ever ask a piece of furniture about viagra.)

Oh, and as to “namecalling”, your movement started that YEARS AGO. Which is why we created this post (see posts TEACHERS WHO PADDLE and MISSION STATEMENT) But we will never call the antis CHILD PORNOGRAPHERS -That would be beneath us!

SUPER BOWL “SILLINESS”: Y’all should have been at Wendy and James’ house for our weekly Sunday night get-together. (I think they are nearly finished re-constructing that ol’ money pit -100 year old plantation house- into something livable.) It seems that our newest mom Wendy, has relatives from Louisiana and was pulling ALL THE WAY for the Saints over the Colts. Well, her hubby James just HAD to root for the Colts and teased her ALL WEEK LONG about how Peyton and the Colts would destroy the Saints. If y’all could have only seen Wendy (Too many Daiquiris) playfully smacking James all over while proclaiming, “Who dat  Super Bowl CHAMPS?…Who dat?…Who dat?” As the rest of us headed out the door for home, James was getting a little tired of Wendy’s impishness and grabbed her, carrying a “tipsy” Wendy over his shoulder. I (Renee) thought I heard a familiar sound as the door closed behind me: An “ouch” squeal and a retort “Put me down…NOW James!…I’ll get you for THAT…I meant it, James!”

Ahhh...If only our classroom “kids” could see us away from school! Jenny’s Tommy and my Tyler see and hear enough of our grown-up silliness already.


We at TEACHERSWHOPADDLE are constantly being asked, “Do teacher colleges train prospective teachers in how to administer ‘paddlings’?” We honestly feel that this question is merely rhetorical and is not an inquiry into teacher training at the university level. We also know that ALL teacher colleges in the U.S. are N.C.A.T.E. certified. National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education means that  ALL  teacher candidates essentially take the same type courses and study the same textbooks throughout the nation.

So where does corporal punishment fit in? Well, none of my elementary education textbooks even mention school c.p. In fact, my textbook on psychology only mentions school c.p. in the code words “punishment” and “operant conditioning”. (Pretty technical, huh?) If the truth be told, not only is school c.p. preached against by people who have never or will never teach in a real classroom but in most cases, the idea is not even acknowledged. TWP believes this is a dis-service to ALL future teachers regardless of one’s view on the issue. After all, not every future teacher will teach in an inner city urban district or in a Northern/Western non-c.p. state with more lax standards of student conduct.

But if it were up to us, how would we train teachers differently with regards to corporal punishment?

Educational Psychology: We wouldn’t change much here. First and foremost, we would condense the several courses in psychology that college education majors are forced to take into one single class. And second, the textbooks would have to mention ALL forms of reinforcement: Positive, Negative, Operant Conditioning ect. Most important: We believe it is not the place for non-educators to advocate or condemn any method of classroom management. That is the job of educators in the field of education.

Classroom Management Class: Readers, do NOT get any wrong ideas here. There would be NO “how to paddle” course here -Or anywhere. Rather, instead of the theoretical -Education students would observe how veteran teachers manage their classrooms day by day for 1 hour per day at a preset time. No c.p. observation would take place of course but in a c.p. school district, it would NOT be a secret either.

Student Teaching: Like as traditionally done, an education major in their last year would “teach” under a veteran teacher. Unlike the typical “hands tied behind the back” limited discretion that prevails in most all cases, we would give the student-teacher full disciplinary authority EXCEPT for the actual administering of paddle swats. We realize that no school district will ever give that authority to a non-staff person but that should NOT mean the student-teacher cannot “unofficially” witness a paddling. Example: Both student-teacher and veteran teacher agree that a paddling is merited. All normal policies are followed as to privacy and official witnesses. Then student-teacher steps into conference room and observes paddling when given. With a neutral outsider third party, whatcha wanna bet that Mr./Ms. “Paddle-Hard” eases off a bit? After all, the student-teacher is NOT an employee of the district.

Conclusion: TWP’s ideas are not likely to happen but would at least address the issue of school c.p. openly and honestly. These ideas only apply to the 20 states that still have legal school c.p. Finally, there would be no “brainwashing” pro or con -Rather, just an impartial acknowledgement of the use of school c.p.

And those student-teachers -Many will decide NOT to use c.p. as fully certified and employed teachers while others will choose to use it themselves as we have done.



Hey Tony Brian, we at TWP read your rant on “Time Well Spent” and have a few words for you.

Time on Blog: Chill out! Collectively, the four of us spend a few hours a week on TWP. A lot more time is spent on preparing lesson plans,student remedial help and of course, the all important parent teacher conferences. Altogether, about 60 hours a week for each of  the three of us in teaching. As an assistant principal, my time spent on job is even MORE. We all have families but manage to balance it all out. Tony, if you ever get a REAL job and a family -You’ll know what balancing is all about.

Student Privacy: We just don’t get you on this. In our recollections, ALL names including our own are FICTIONAL! The only persons besides us who could figure out the real names are the kids themselves if they someday find our blog. And the kids: We have heard them talking among themselves about paddling and “Who paddles hardest or easiest?” and “Who is more or less likely to paddle?” I (Renee) have even heard parents at my church remark “Kids today need to be paddled more…” to which I actually disagree. Finally, the principal of the elementary school where I (Renee) taught just asked that no student names be used nor the school be identified. TWP went above and beyond those limitations to protect the privacy of all. Even discipline records in our district are purged yearly except for general statistics and suspension/expulsion data.

Your problem with our blog is that we present a different picture of school c.p. than you do. Hey, you perceive TWP as a threat to your movement. Good! It is our greatest hope that people will read what we have to say and at least understand the teacher’s perspective on a difficult issue -Even if they disagree with us. IMO, the future of your “movement” is bleak and it will burn itself out. Unless you and your gang get out of the gutter.

Warning: Tony,we read your warning and will now issue our own. Your problem with us is cultural. Being from the bay area of California, you are unable to comprehend any value or opinion other than your own. That’s fine but do not make the mistake of trying to force your “world view” on the rest of America.

It will NOT work.

So we at TWP have issued our own warning. Tony: You and your comrades had better take it to heart if you “visit” any schools in the southeastern U.S. because if you do not -You will only have yourselves to blame.

All adult non-custodial parents and parent/guardians alike are to go directly to the school office to conduct legitimate business when entering school property or facilities during hours that students are present. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any violation of this policy is also a violation of state criminal trespass laws.

All public schools have policies like the above for the protection and security of staff, teachers and students. Tony, if you or one of your “knuckle-heads” violate such a policy as above, you may find yourselves at the wrong end of a 12 gauge shotgun held by a sheriff’s deputy.

A word to the wise…


Hello everybody! Renee, Jenny and Michelle really had to talk me into this segment because to me (Wendy), it is kinda embarrassing. It was totally innocent but I could swear that the word “bikini” was floating around the playground that school year. I think the kids actually came up with a code word for me: “Bik”. Oh well…

It started when James, my newlywed hubby and I were staying over one night at a hotel in Auburn, Alabama after a home opener football game. We decided to use the half indoor/ half outdoor pool after getting back from the game. The hotel also has a jacuzzi next to the pool which I LOVE to use. Around the pool/jacuzzi area are tables and lounge chairs as well. There was also someone there I would have never expected: One of my new students for that school year.

James had just left the jacuzzi to cool off in the pool but I stayed behind, relaxing in the hot bubbly water. Leaning back, I had my eyes closed (It felt soooo good!) and barely noticed someone else getting in the jacuzzi across from me. After hearing a few giggles, I opened my eyes to see: One of MY students who just started the previous week, staring and grinning at me! As a second year teacher, I knew by instinct that this was UNDESIRABLE!

I immediately started to get out and join James, saying, “Nice to see you, Kerry but I cannot stay…”

I then heard a laughing voice nearby reply, “Don’t worry, Mrs. …., Kerry has been eyeballing you since you and your husband came down…This weekend is our extended family reunion so thats why we are here.”

The lady introduced herself as Kerry’s mom (I wonder how many parents ever meet their kid’s bikini clad teacher at a hotel jacuzzi?) Kerry begged for me to stay but I felt it was a bad idea. Sitting at the side, I had Kerry sit along side me as I then explained that teachers and their students should never get too”familiar” because that would be bad for both. While his mom thought the whole scene was “cute”, I was firm and slowly backed away while stating, “You seem to be a nice young man from a nice family but I need to get back with my James so…”

James and I didn’t spend a lot of time swimming in the large pool before heading back to our room. James thought the whole thing was “cute” too but I was quick to inform him that I was the one who had to teach Kerry every day for the entire school year.

And if anyone wants to know: No, I never paddled Kerry although another student managed to “force the issue” and became the only student I paddled that year.



Being Prepared

An old Boy Scout motto I heard from my big brothers was “Be Prepared” and I took that to heart as a Girl Scout myself. But not always. You see, I have a very high level of confidence which has served me well throughout my life. Sometimes though, you need a little less confidence and a LOT more focus.

Case in point: The Scholastic Aptitude Test commonly referred to as the SAT. That “rite of passage” largely determines for high school students what and if as to college admissions. Most all high school students take this math and language arts heavy standardized test and yours truly, Miss Honor Society vice president was no exception.

Well, mom and dad warned me for weeks to prepare for the test but I didn’t heed them thinking, “I’ve always aced standardized tests throughout my schooling so why would this be different?”

On test day, I came…I saw…And “Thud”! I showed up “cold” and the score showed it. That *#%$*@# test was horrible! Seeing my borderline score got me MAD! And when I get mad, something gets DONE!

So, for the next six weeks, I spent part of my Saturday afternoons studying a SAT Prep Guide book from front to back. I learned the techniques of time management and tips on strategy to improve your score. And the second go-around, I was PREPARED.

I never became a National Merit Scholar (Think Junior Rhodes Scholar) but my score was way better than the first and unlike some who make a “career” of retaking their SAT, I never went back to take it a third time. All I will say is that my score was more than enough to get into my dream college -THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA- as well as some academic scholarship $$$.

The lesson: “Be Prepared” is for more than Boy Scouts -For sure!



What do you have to say to all the Education Professors who stand against you on school c.p.? What about all those new teachers coming out of colleges who do not believe in school c.p.?

First, we at TWP are well aware of the general philosophy of teacher training in our nation’s colleges and universities. We all heard the standard lines against school c.p. at our own colleges and it is the same everywhere. The reason is that for two generations, the B.F. Skinner model of teaching has been the prevailing “religion” taught by professors who, for the most part, have NEVER taught in a regular classroom. At the heart of this “religion” is NOT education at all -Rather, it is Child Psychology. We at TWP do not have a beef with psychology (It has it’s place) but psychology is of little value in classroom management methodology. Especially when it disfavors ANY use of consequences for negative (wrong) behavior.

Second, as to newly graduated teacher-candidates, we at TWP were all opposed to school c.p. too. Funny thing happened though. We all got teaching jobs in districts that have school c.p. As elementary teachers, our options were limited and we could not just say “no” because maintaining orderly classrooms was a part of our jobs. I (Renee) was one of two new hires when I started. The other flat out said “no” and tried the B.F. Skinner model exclusively. Today, she is either selling insurance or real estate on commission. My first year was extremely difficult and I did resort to the paddle one time. Overall, being assertive in my approach to classroom discipline is why I have been able to stay in education.

As to other new teachers: We at TWP feel sympathy for them. Why? Because most will end up in the worst schools and the worst education environments. What: The urban inner-city schools with the greatest failure rate of first year teachers. Typically, those districts have the lowest standards of student behavior and conduct anywhere. The “surviving” veteran teachers transfer out ASAP and leave the old slots to the “rookies”. I (Renee) know a fine young lady English teacher who was assigned to a high school in a ghetto. She didn’t last the year and had a “breakdown”.

Word of caution to new teachers: If you take a position in an urban district, get used to the “F word” and the “B word” because you will hear it A LOT! And do not expect the principal to do anything about it -He/she will be too busy dealing with gang related issues.

Where does “common sense” fit in with the “90 degree angle” for swinging a paddle?

As compared to the “home run derby” swings that some moron educators use, the technique we at TWP use is more like a forehanded tennis racket swing. Anyone who is unable to figure out the difference has NO “common sense” whatsoever!

Jenny mentioned that she goes to a “liberal mainline” church. Is Jenny a “liberal”? What about the rest of you?

Jenny: (HA HA HA) On somethings, I am more “liberal” and on others, more “conservative”. I do not agree on every “social issue” my church stands on -And aside from the general topic of this blog, I don’t agree with the other contributors on some issues.


Any word on Alexis’ search for Scotty and his divorced mom?

James (Wendy’s hubby) is volunteer-working on it and we should know something in a few weeks. The search is FOR Alexis and it will be up to her what she chooses to do. Whatever she tells us to tell our readers -We will do so.

Whatever happened to Shad of WENDY’S MISTAKE? Has he ever been paddled again?

Shad is now a 6th grader at the middle school where I (Renee) am the assistant principal. He’s had a couple detentions (I think) but no major trouble. I feel just as badly about what happened and administratively opted Shad out of c.p. as long as he is in the middle school. Shad is aware of this and told me, “My butt was red and sore but o.k. the next day.” He also told me that he bore no ill will towards Wendy or me.

In light of the post CHILD ABUSER/TEACHERS, is there a minimum age in which a paddle can be used in your schools?

In our school district, there are no set policies as to grade level and school c.p. However, in the school where I (Renee) taught, the preK and Kindergarten teachers do use a very thin paddleball paddle on RARE occasions with only a single swat. I have talked with those teachers and the purpose is only to scare the child and only when other options fail. It happened only once all of last year out of 50 kids total. All four of the preK and K teachers are moms like me and when my Tyler starts this Fall, he will be on notice that I had better not hear any bad behavior reports from his teachers.





R.C. pt. XXI


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