Dear readers: It has come to TWP’s attention over the last month that a serious effort is underway to pass a FEDERAL LAW outlawing all school corporal punishment. You read this right: A controversial method of school discipline that has existed in U.S. public schools since before the founding of the republic may now be totally banned by Federal dictate regardless of state and local opinions to the contrary. And be forewarned: The same people who are pushing this ban have their eyes on the home as well. Ask Californians: There is a referendum on their statewide ballot to abolish a parents right to discipline their child at home.

It is ALL one movement and has to be stopped. Ever since the beginning of our nation, educators have debated school c.p. and that should continue. But “banning” is NOT debating! Therefore, the following letter to the members of the U.S. Congress is written by TWP with the intention that you, our loyal readers, would “copy and/or cut this letter to your email and sent it to your Representative and Senators. Remember: Our schools belong not to Congress but to our communities!

(Special Editor’s Note: At publishing time, I -Renee- became aware of a cable news story on a beating of a Texas school child caught on video tape. In NO way does this blog condone or support such actions and this so-called educator belongs in jail. That was a crime, not corporal punishment!)




Dear: (Your Representative/Senator’s name)

As a registered voter and civic-minded citizen, I am troubled by the Federal insertion into the governance of U.S. schools. Reasonable people can debate the proper roles of Federal, State and Local governments but U.S. History is clear on one thing: Education is governed from the bottom up and not top down. Our founding forefathers intended this to be the case in the schooling of our children. Despite some Federal involvement in education (Not all bad), the U.S. educational system has been a “decentralized” one.

But recently, a Congresswoman McCarthy of New York has proposed an abolition of all school corporal punishment. The first question I ask is “What business does the Federal government have deciding the student discipline policies of local public schools who, for the most part, receive almost ALL their funding from state and local governments?” Second question is “What do U.S. Senators and Representatives know about teaching and administering in our nation’s schools?” Third question is “With all the problems facing our nation currently and the general public’s discontent, why would the U.S. Congress ever waste time on an issue for which it has NO competency to address?”

I understand that this is a very difficult issue for some but Washington, D.C. is not the proper place to resolve this. With unemployment at record highs, banking scandals, immigration reform etc., Capital Hill has all it can handle! The American people send YOU to our nation’s capital to do the nation’s business. But our schools are NOT and NEVER will be run out of Washington -Bet on it!

As to the issue of school corporal punishment, in no way does this letter condone or sanction the abuse of our nation’s schoolkids. But, with parental consent/opt outs, the concept of In loco parentis has guided our schools for over 230 years. Different states and locals have various discipline policies but none have ever been banned by Federal law. Why should we centralize school discipline policy in Washington? Because a few hard-line zealots demand it? Where abuse occurs, it should be dealt with in a court of law but a few swats given in school under strict policy guidelines and parental consent is NOT abuse. And as to educational achievement, there are good and bad schools in both c.p. and non c.p. states and districts.

With all of the problems facing our nation at this time, this is one issue you need to “take a pass on”. Just remember: I do vote and will “remember in November” when election time comes.

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Renee, Jenny, Wendy and Michelle







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