Dear Readers: We at TWP are back from our vacations all recharged (and a little sunburned too!). After this post, there will be new posts EVERY OTHER WEEK until school starts again in August. The reason for this is that our summer schedules with Jenny and my boys’ little league t-ball and swimming lessons and TWP’s graduate school classes makes it difficult to work on the blog as a “team” and …Hey, school is out anyway!

Interesting summer so far: Team USA and England fit to be TIED in World Cup (Think I could resist the temptation to give y’all in merry England some razz?), TWP’s E-mail box OVERFLOWING with mostly negative replies, and on 05-17-2010-The MOST viewers ever in the history of our blog in one day: 567!

This looks to be a very interesting summer!



John and I took a hiking/camping trip to the eastern edge of the Alleghenies which is marked by the Allegheny Front, We saw a number of impressive gorges and valleys that drain from the rivers of the Alleghenies: to the east, Smoke Hole Canyon (South Branch Potomac River) and the Shenandoah Valley were well worth the trip. John and I were able to “reconnect” with each other while staying in an old mountain cabin. Of course, my 6 year old Tyler stayed for a week with his nanna and poppy and was completely SPOILED too! After picking Tyler up at my folk’s place, we went down to Daytona beach for a week of fun and sun. Got a little red but not too bad.


Because Wendy and I (Jenny) did not make early vacation plans before the BP Oil disaster, we were able to go down to the Gulf areas to see for ourselves how bad it really is. We both grew up within about an hour’s drive of the beaches so we stayed with relatives in the area. While the areas we are most familiar with have not been impacted as of 06-01-2010, we saw the impact on wildlife such as pelicans, sea guls etc. That was just sickening and we brought some oil-covered birds to an animal clinic. Because the local authorities will not allow untrained civilians to do toxic oil spill clean ups, Wendy and I volunteered to help clean the birds and turtles from the oil on them. This was truly heart breaking because many of those birds did not survive and had to be euthanized. If you readers could only see Wendy trying to hold back her own tears while gently holding down a bird so the oil could be flushed off its feathers. We both spent about 10 days doing this “work” but could only bear so much…

Michelle and Richard came down after their trip (Which they could not cancel) a few days after we left to go back home. From the sound of Michelle’s voice on the phone, that Tony Hayward chap better not be on the beach when she is because he  would be the first CEO to ever get publicly paddled.


After seeing the pristine white sand beach near Gulfport, Mississippi where I spent many summers growing up at my parent’s beachfront house, I was devastated. I cried when I saw the clumps of oil washing ashore.

Mister Tony Hayward: we “small people” may not really matter to you but mark this down: I and everyone I know will NEVER buy ANY BP Oil product for as long as we live or until EVERY speck of your mess is cleaned up and the Gulf is totally restored. I couldn’t paddle you enough times to relieve the anger I have right now.

Richard and I did spend a week at St. Thomas Island but there, my thoughts were about the Gulf. This trip was to be my first scuba diving trip but the dread of what my Gulf summertime childhood home would look like was constantly in the back of my mind. As Jenny and Wendy did, I too volunteered at an animal clinic to clean BP Oil off of poor little birds. We spent about a week doing this and some local t.v. news crew has me in the background of one of their news broadcasts -Cleaning oil off a sea gull (I do not recall which one so no emails on this…please!).

So, there you have it Dear Readers -TWP’s vacation summary which was a working vacation for all of us. I (Renee) made a surprise special trip down to where Michelle and Richard were and did some volunteering myself -And boosting Michelle’s morale as well.


Dear Readers: Our last post TWP published before taking some well deserved time off stirred up a “hornet’s nest”. The post A LETTER TO THE U.S. CONGRESS definitely got a big response -OVERFLOWING emails -Mostly negative. That’s o.k. -We can handle flak from zealots. Some of the best (or worst) is below with our replies.

THIS BLOG To End Second Week In JUNE. Thats Right cause congress should vote on REP. McCarthy’s Bill  the second week of June. This bill will end  PADDLING,ISS,TIME OUT, Locking a student in a room, Any and all PHYSICAL Punishments in school.
It’s About Time.  Bet 3 Teachers and a Principal leave education HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Giggle Giggle Giggle Giggle

🙄 We at TWP hate to disparage someone’s religion but that ranks right up there with Linus and the Great Mystical Pumpkin. TWP is BACK and no sign of any national school c.p. ban in sight. But Hey -Keep up the work showing what basket cases you anti c.p. zealots really are. While you’re at it, say hello to Dorothy and the Tin man in the land of oz.

Your wrong they been involved in school decisions a lot like segregation, school lunch program and breakfast program, NO  DiSCIPLINE OF DISABLE STUDENTS. seems you don’t know whzat your talking about, better research more before you speak.

We NEVER said there should be NO federal involvement in education. It has a role to play but only a secondary one. In a nation as large and diverse as the U.S., school governance is a bottom up and not a top down process. The idea that the members of Congress, who mostly never set foot in a public school in their life and are most concerned about budget, tax and economic issues, are to write and issue student discipline policies for a nation of 300+ million people is NUTTY.

And we at TWP agree that segregation was horrible, special education is great (There is NO national ban on school c.p. of special education students although parents can opt out in the I.E.P.) and school lunch programs are needed. SO THERE!

Do these same teachers think “bad mothers” deserve a beating from their husbands also? Who decides who gets to hit and who deserves it? Who smacks a bad teacher? I would carefully follow these “teachers” and watch their every move.

🙄 Out in the California sun too long, I see.

What does spousal abuse have to do with school c.p.? Better not come around an abused woman’s shelter with that garbage -The “residents” will set you straight as to what “abuse” really is! As to when school c.p. occurs, It is used quite rarely and under school board policies and guidelines which are usually strict as to when, where and how. And parents can opt their kids out of c.p. if they wish. Just do NOT start wondering onto some school campus looking for us because you will only get into serious legal trouble if you do.

I don’t remember hearing about federal interference when public schools were accepting Race to the Top funds or all the other federal assistance they receive.  It is hypocritical to complain now when you have allowed federal interference previously.  This is an either or situation.

We disagree. Sure, there can and usually are “strings attached” to any federal $$$ but to say to every school district that has a school c.p. policy that “You must change your discipline policy to get money you have received in past years because ‘we’ have decided that your discipline policy is ‘bad’ -Even if the courts have said otherwise” is WAY out of bounds. Using federal $$$ to coerce change on school districts when local people are satisfied with the discipline policies sounds like “mobster politics” to us. Hint: Why not try good old fashioned Democracy instead. It has worked for 230 years!

Well let’s see, what other “traditions” were in place since back before our Republic was founded?  Slavery, husbands being allowed, even encouraged to “chastise” their wives, stealing land from native Americans, public flogging, tarring and feathering.  I think you get the idea.

Huh? I’m clueless as to what slavery, spousal abuse, Indian wars etc. has to do with a school child getting paddle swatted for bad behavior -Even with parental approval. One thing is for sure: Your stupid comparison of school c.p. to the former will offend the HELL out of older Civil Rights movement veterans, traditional feminists and Native Americans. Congrats!

Decades of scientific research that suggests that no creature with a brain stem learns well from fear and pain and that hitting k+ids in the name of “discipline” creates more problems than it solves.  How you guys ever got teaching credentials without taking any classes in child development is beyond me.

Must be a lifetime member of P.E.T.A. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Reckon you never went to a rodeo. As to “fear”, if you have done something WRONG -There should be some fear or apprehension. Think about when you are pulled over for speeding by the state highway patrol. If you could “care less”, then you are either a psychopath or anarchist. As to “pain”, gimme a break: As a mother myself, I take NO pleasure in giving moderate paddle swats which scare more than hurt my “kids”. Proof: The few times I have paddled school kids, THEY always pester me later about recess even though a recess sit-in comes with a paddling. They seem to “forget” about the sit-in EVERY TIME. (Guess those “beatings” weren’t so bad after all, eh?)

One final point: You may want to stop showing your total ignorance about us as to our educational background because we all had educational psychology as college undergraduates and are all currently part-time graduate students pursuing Master’s degrees.

I am a parent strongly involved in pushing the ban on corporal punishment.  You see, if you give one person the authority, there is another abusing the law……..sorry, if I can’t hit my child, neither can you!  And if you do, surely I’d go to jail!

As to ANYONE breaking the law by abusing any child -They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, corporal punishment is not inherently abusive. In the U.S.A., parents CAN legally use c.p. in ALL 50 states. In 20 states, school c.p. is legal as well.

As to the veiled threat: Do you know what the inside of a jail cell looks like? WISE UP!

loco parentis was out lawed it never was a defense. Also what right do you have in deciding if a student has misbehaved or not?

In Loco Parentis is not a law but rather the philosophical foundation for school authority over children. Think about it: If the school had no authority, the teacher not only couldn’t protect your child from a bully-classmate but would not be legally obligated to do so either. IMHO, most people who are opposed to In Loco Parentis are also social anarchist as well.

As to misbehavior: That is clearly defined in the Student Conduct Handbook which is given to every student at the start of every school year. (Lots of paper used up too!)

Paddling was never legally put in schools  see no state can pass a law that’s not support by federal law theirs no federal law supporting paddling therefore your breaking the law.

😆 Hey, I didn’t know one could be a lawyer by taking online law courses!

Look, just because there is not specific mention of paddling in federal or state laws does not mean it is illegal. There is NO specific federal or state law giving people the right to own cars either -But some 200+/- million Americans do. As to state laws needing to be supported by federal law: There is NOTHING in the U.S. Constitution about “education” but EVERY state constitution specifically mentions education as a legal obligation of the state.

As to paddling, there is no specific mention of that in federal or state law -But the state laws of paddling states give wide authority to local school boards to make disciplinary policies for their schools.

Hey, not bad for someone who almost applied for law school herself!

what if every parent moved to a NO PADDLE STATE?


(Dear Readers: We did NOT make these questions up!)

Are you sure you know what you are saying? Two paddling states (Texas and Florida) are #2 and #4 in population. What do you think would happen to California if half the population of Texas moved there?

MAJOR POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE! Also economic, social…

Get the point?

Most parents polled do not want teachers hitting their kids. It is not your right to do so. If you have  a problem with a child, please call the parent. That’s all us parents want and ask you to do.

First, try speaking just for yourself and not for all parents because most parents we deal with do feel differently than you do. Second, if a parent wishes that their child not be paddled, all they have to do is sign an opt out form. We do NOT go against parental wishes. But do understand: You CANNOT opt your child out of the rules or out-of-school suspension.

My children deserve to go to a school where ‘paddling’ of any  kind does not take place. Why you ask? Because I expect my children not to be exposed to that if I so choose. Even if their peers are paddled, I feel it would negatively effect them.

You most certainly have the right as a parent to say “NO” when it comes to YOUR child and school c.p. We at TWP respect that. However, you do NOT have the “right” to dictate to a school district or community on how the school will discipline other children. The individual in our society (and in general) does NOT have a “veto” over the rest of society. No society exists which functions on unanimous consent. We are a democracy based on majority rule within the rule of law.

As to the negative effect of others subject to school c.p. with regards to your child, we are not sure what you are implying. In our district, ALL paddlings are given in private with a witness. The only way other students even know about it is if the student paddled tells them about it -Because we do NOT discuss those matters with other students.

I (Renee) really feel you are mistaken in shielding your child from the concept of “consequences” for wrong actions. For sure, one way or another, your child WILL learn that all actions have consequences. I just hope it is in a school setting and not a court of law. The latter is far more punitive.

I am all for discipline. I am all for Saturday School. I am all for making the kids do chores in the classroom or at the school, what I am against is teachers like yourselves who constantly violate children’s basic human rights to an education free of hitting.

As we have pointed out in other posts, the elementary schools do not use ISS, Evening/Weekend sessions and no student is going to be taken out of class to do chores. ISS and Evening/Weekend school is an option for secondary schools which is why we disfavor c.p. at that level. The only major option aside from c.p. in elementary school is out of school suspension. You can opt your child out of elementary school c.p. but be prepared to babysit him/her for 3 days at home because there is NO opt out on suspension.

My federal tax dollars should not be funding your little ‘paddling’ agenda.

If you are referring to our little blog, RELAX…it is the brainchild of four young teachers in the southeastern U.S. and NO tax $$$ of any kind funds this. ITS FREE!

I have a right to speak out, and exert my opinion on anything where my federal taxes go, and every American does.

AMEN. That is what makes America great: We can argue, debate and advocate on whatever we want to w/o fear of censorship. Just keep in mind that EVERYONE probably disfavors something that their tax $$$ pays for. But we all have different ideas on “what”.

Now, about the bailout of those stupid #*@%&* investment banks.

COMING ON 07-03-2010:





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