SPECIAL MEMO TO ALL READERS: There will be a change to this blog in the upcoming school year. TWP’s Wendy WILL be coming back to teach this Fall from maternity leave. The bad news: Wendy is taking a teaching position at an elementary school on the other side of the county from where she taught along with fellow Auburn alum Jenny, Michelle and me (Before I took the Intern Assistant Principal position at the middle school). This career move has been in the works for nearly a year and is so Wendy can be closer to her home and the daycare where little Patrick will attend. Also, while the school does have a c.p. policy, as all schools in our county district -The lady principal administers c.p. exclusively. Wendy is actually glad to give up that responsibility although this was NOT a factor in her decision to take the new position when another teacher retired. Wendy has told me (Renee) that she is still willing to contribute to TWP on occasion and we hope she will. We at TWP wish Wendy and her family all the best!

“TIME IS UP” MEMO: For all you anti c.p. zealots -Time has EXPIRED on our challenge nearly one month ago. What was it? We at TWP issued a challenge to the anti school c.p. zealots to show, by independent source, ANY proof that 1) There is ANY federal law banning school c.p. on all special education students and 2) That federal $$$ in K to 12 public education accounts for more than 50%. (Actually, the federal share is around 15%)

Well, after 4 weeks…NOTHING! We at TWP were not surprised because we knew the TRUTH! Why? Simple: We are REAL TEACHERS in REAL CLASSROOMS! So dear readers, be forewarned about what you read on the ‘net. Because anyone can tell a lie online. But the TRUTH is what it is and no zealot can change that.



This light-hearted look back is of my college years which I have touched on briefly in other chronicles. Due to the popularity of previous chronicles, I (Renee) have decided that this series will start with my first semester at the University of Georgia and will have at least 12 segments. The general theme will be of a small town nerdy red-head girl taking on U.G.A. and 35,000 students. Coming in mid-August 2010.


This feature will be in four parts covering Jenny, Wendy, Michelle and my (Renee) exploits in athletic competition while growing up. As TWP has done in other segments, this series is intended to show the human side of us that was touched on last Spring in our popular RECOLLECTIONS posts. A number of readers have asked about our athletic past and this will shed some more light on that topic -Although school names and places will be ommited as per TWP policy. Coming September 2010.


This will be a two part series dealing with Renee and Michelle who have received emails from college alums who figured out the identities of two of TWP’s contributors. The perspectives of the emails are really FUNNY and should shatter all of the  notions the antis have about Renee and Michelle. Of course, if you are looking for traceable info on any contributor -Be prepared to be disappointed because we will protect the privacy of ALL contributors. Still, we think it will be a great read with a very different perspective! Coming Fall 2010.


This very popular series will continue in the upcoming new school year. As a monthly feature, this series will cover an assistant principal’s perspective with an insider’s angle the reader will NOT find anywhere else on the ‘net. Written exclusively by TWP Editor Renee, this feature will have an added element: Renee is now fully trained to do “teacher evaluations”! Oh boy! If those teacher-coaches couldn’t stand Renee last year -Wait until this Fall! Starting in late August 2010.


Another series that TWP will retain in the new school year. This series will have a major change though. With Wendy taking a teaching position at another elementary school where the lady principal insists on administering ALL c.p., our other two teachers Jenny and Michelle will do 90% of the segments. This will be a monthly feature as last year. Starting in September 2010.


Dear Readers: We at TWP have been asked a number of times in emails about what an “inservice” is and what happens in them. To start, most public school districts in the U.S. have several inservice meetings for school staff at the various schools during the year. Y’all should see the grins on the faces of our students when they know an inservice day is coming up: It means they have a “three day” weekend! Because our inservice for the new school year hasn’t happened yet, the following is based on last year’s August inservice. As a general rule, those start-of-the-new-school-year “inservices” are pretty standard. All times below are approximate.

9:00 a.m. : The start of the new year inservice always begins with a special courtesy breakfast catered by the school district. Last year’s was really nice too -With IHOP as the caterer. Those pancakes are to die for! A hearty breakfast is a good thing but I really wonder how many pancakes Mr. Smith, our elementary school principal put away.

9:30 a.m.: We are greeted and welcomed by a member of the “civilian leadership” aka “The County School Board”. As educators and employees, we all give them a courteous round of applause -Although subdued. Why? Because the school board cut our request for much needed new textbooks, new lighting in some of the school buildings as well as staff cutbacks. I swear, I think they believe they did us a favor on this year’s budget. ALL (Under breath): Thanks for making our difficult jobs even harder!

10:30 a.m.: The first thing we start on in the actual inservice work is a staff-wide training session in achievement test administration. Since this is the only time the entire school faculty will be together before the required state achievement tests are given to all of our students, we use this time to go over everything that is required for the designated test day. Lest anyone think I’m “anti-standardized test”, I AM NOT! But I do wish those tests more closely matched what we teach. It is said that too much time is spent by teachers “teaching the test”. Amen to that because I sometimes wonder, “Who comes up with those questions?” because our textbooks and curriculum does NOT match some of those so-called standards. Even then, our school and district has performed very well on those tests -Thanks mostly to the extra efforts of our teachers.

12:00 noon: Finally, we break for lunch and at this point, I completely sympathize with our “kids” getting antsy for their break times. Since this is my (Renee) last inservice at the elementary school, I talked Michelle and Jenny in riding with me to a burger joint favorite of mine for a “last lunch” together since I will be starting at the middle school as Assistant Principal next week. Michelle jokingly calls this my “Last Burger” and proceeds to give me “Last Rites”! If y’all could only meet Michelle, you would really wonder about the sanity of Paula Flowe, Jestin, “Rev.” and those other looney anti c.p. zealots. It is at this lunch meeting that the three of us decided to keep TEACHERSWHOPADDLE weblog ongoing with a principal’s “perspective” which all of our readers know as PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE. Those homestyle burgers and onion rings were awesome and we would all have taken a nap -But the afternoon session of our inservice begins  at 1:00 p.m.

1:10 p.m.: O.K., so we are 10 minutes late…Hey, I (Renee) am an administrator now so NO BIG DEAL! (Giggle) And in case anyone out there has WEIRD ideas -FORGETABOUTIT! The afternoon session breaks down into  three teacher groups: Pre-k to 1st, 2nd to 3rd and 4th to 5th grades. Since Jenny and Michelle have everything going smoothly with their group, I decided to get my 3rd grade replacement “up to speed” with the other teachers in the 2nd to 3rd grade group. My “replacement” at the 3rd grade teaching slot I held for 8 years is not a newbie and has filled in for Jenny, Wendy and me during our maternity time.

The first thing we do is inventory our textbooks. (We do “dream” about virtual or online books with each child having his/her own laptop but…school budgets are lean right now…) Good news -Only a few books out of all the 2nd and 3rd grade inventory need to be discarded because of wear and tear. Hey, the average textbook is about 9 or 10 years old! (Recall our enthusiasm for the school board member (aka “civilian leadership”) -Hey, we educators are getting TIRED  of duct-taping worn out books every year! Well, after making some “minor” fixes to our textbook inventory, we proceed to plugging in and testing our classroom computers. Eureka! Everything is in working order -Thanks to the fact that we UNPLUGGED them at the end of the last school year. The software is in complete working order including the “site-blocking” programs. After all, we don’t want our “kids” surfing the ‘net where they don’t belong, do we? Finally, we start the job of setting up student desks which have been stacked up in one corner of each room. Our teacher desks were pushed into another corner so we got them reset in their proper place too. And…Yes, the 16″ x 3 1/2″ x 1/4″ paddles were where we left them in late May. (They did not need testing…Giggle) The last bit of preparing for the new year is the stripping of the bulletin boards so they can be decorated with Fall theme decorations.

3:30 p.m.: All the teachers reassemble in the cafeteria to watch a DVD on safety tips and liability issues. Every new year, the district hammers home the idea that student safety, especially during recess, must NEVER be taken for granted. While our elementary school has not had a major issue regarding student safety since I’ve been teaching, none of us can take that for granted.

4:15 p.m.: The pre-school year inservice has concluded with each staff/faculty member signing a time sheet indicating when we will help out during “Registration Day”. This will officially start the school year for students. Our summer vacation ends in 2 days! Where does the time go?



Dear Readers: We at TWP do not make it our primary mission to respond to stupid comments uttered by moronic zealots who happen to have a computer. However, a certain “Rev.” is insisting on spewing vicious hate towards ANYONE who might have an opinion different than his own. Well, TWP believes in free speech but that doesn’t mean you can say whatever you please without a firm reply. (Editor’s Note: This segment was put together BEFORE  a more recent threat against this blog and its contributors.)

(Comment to Prof. N.) I understand very well how much people suffered under Nazism in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. You say you had family who suffered under Hitler. If you had family tortured by the Nazis, I think they would be proud of me because I am trying to stop the beating of children in schools. They would be ashamed of you. You support the beating of children in schools… I guess the saying is true, “Violence begets more violence.” Doesn’t it?

🙄 Huh? Are you serious? Comparing the torture commited by the nazis to school c.p. in the U.S.? That is just plain STUPID and we at TWP could never “invent” what you said above. And guess what, “Rev.”/Jestin: Many WWII veterans came home after the war and became TEACHERS! And for years afterwards, they used SCHOOL C.P.! Word to the wise: You had better not refer to American and British WWII vets as “nazis”.

And as to “violence begats violence”,  the most dangerous and violence prone schools in the U.S. are in the inner cities which have all banned school c.p. years or even decades ago. Explain that!

Teachers Who Paddle is spearheading the movement for
having their primitive ideas still in the classroom.

😆 Hey, thanks for the complement but we are not THAT good. We at TWP are just 4 educators in the southeastern U.S. who are merely giving our side of a difficult issue. The “movement” of the antis is based on powerful elites and multi-million $$$ foundations which fund learjet lawyers and lobbyists. Kind of a mismatch, don’t you think? But Jenny, Wendy, Michelle and I have one weapon the antis do not: THE TRUTH! And we all promise to continue telling the TRUTH -No matter what the antis say about us.

I came across a comment you made concerning a study by Dr Marjorie Gunhoe, where you assert that her study proves your point that spanking is good for children. Well, there are some things you need to know about the study:(according to The Center For Effective Discipline)

Boy, that Nadine Block and her “center”: What a great source of “unbiased” info! Hey, this lady “camped out” in front of the Ohio state legislature for 25 years to get a state-wide ban enacted by way of a budget appropriations bill. And before you call us “neo-cons” or something -A very “liberal” NEW YORK TIMES article recently criticized the anti-spanking advocates for their excessively rigid ideology. Point: Just because you tack the word “scientific” onto a study does not make it “gospel”. As graduate students working on our own thesis, we at TWP know how valid research is structured all too well.

I had to change my hotmail account because somebody hacked my old account. I am not 100% sure, but I think there is reason to believe that it is somebody associated with Teachers who paddle. Somebody in that group is sabotaging our internet connections. Is it you, fake Renee or is it your crackpot Bob t.?


😆 Thanks for the comic relief, “Rev.”/Jestin. If you ever met us, you would wonder, “How in the HELL did those dames ever manage to pull off a blog like TEACHERSWHOP[ADDLE?” Well, we give all the set-up credit to wordpress.com -The easiest site on the ‘net to start a weblog. As to “hacking” -No, we have never done so to anyone! Hey, we are NOT “techies” and wouldn’t know how if we actually wanted to! As to Bob T., we thought he was one of y’all. Our bad.

Teachers who paddle has been known to use dishonest tactics to sell their primitive ideas, I’m not sure if they have altered content to tailor fit their agenda.

🙄 Come on! You have never heard of “editing”? If we didn’t, we would get emails with the length of a WAR AND PEACE novel. Then nobody could email us because we would be too busy reading someone’s thesis. As it is, some readers complain that our posts are too long. D***** if you do, d***** if you don’t! So TWP has decided to keep the overall length of our posts at around 3000 +/- words per post.

The best schools in America, the ones with the highest graduation rates, do not paddle kids. That’s the bottom line. The statistics are everywhere to prove it.

Prove what? That the ABSENCE of school c.p. CAUSES a higher graduation rate? There is NO study in existence that proves that cause-and-effect relationship. We at TWP KNOW this. Why? Because we are all part-time graduate students during the summer and understand how statistics and research works. A cause-and-effect relationship between school c.p. and graduation rates would be nearly impossible to prove because of the social-economic, demographical and family/community educational level differences between schools, districts, states, etc.

Assignment: Send to this blog ANY independent research (not from an anti c.p. web site) proving your assertion and we will present it in a future post. Be sure to include graphs and statistical info as well.

…corporal punishment teaches and models violent behavior…

Have you been inside an urban inner-city school? The ones with police officers patrolling the hallways? And those officers are not there for the exercise. Fact: No major urban school system in the U.S. has a school c.p. policy. The most dangerous schools in America are in the urban areas where teachers leave at the end of the day under the watchful protection of the police. Makes you wonder just what model these kids are learning.

…websites also tell similar stories to Teachers who paddle, but these other websites are dedicated for people with spanking fetishes. Sounds like Teachers who paddle can be placed up there with them.

Yeah…Right! Hey, if you cannot tell the difference between lurid sexual stories on adult porn sites and our real life recollections of when we used school c.p. according to school policy -You have MAJOR problems. The actual truth is -What TWP says runs counter to your vicious namecalling and personal attacks. But, we know why you do it: The message of TWP endangers the entire anti c.p. movement simply by telling the TRUTH.

Wanna talk about porn? We at TWP consider those sickening photos of real abused children on anti c.p. website as borderline CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.

Teachers who paddle, what are you trying to pull by placing this creepy story up. (Re: Ray B. on previous post)It proves nothing and holds no weight whatsoever.

Don’t like opinions other than your own, huh? Tough. Deal with it -Because this is STILL a free country! And Ray B. DOES prove something: That 20th century America did just fine in the pre-anti c.p. fanatic age. Question: Do you seriously believe that the modern world was created only when Jordan Riak started the modern anti c.p. movement? Fact: There  were anti c.p. educators before the U.S. even existed. Only difference: They didn’t call those whom they disagreed with terrorist, molesters, prostitutes, etc.


In Texas if somebody beats your child with a wooden board, and the perpetrator happens to be a schoolteacher, you’d better back off and keep your mouth shut. If you try to seek a remedy in the courts on behalf of your child, it is you, the parent, who will be punished. That’s the way it is in Texas.

Oh, please. If a parent wishes to sue a teacher who used school c.p. according to school policy, that parent will have to pay the attorney in advance -Otherwise the attorney will just refuse to take the case. Then, if all school policies were followed -The case will simply be dismissed. The worst thing for the parent will be paying the legal bills for both sides. Tough? Yes, but do you really think it is fair for a teacher to lose their home or be bankrupted because a parent is opposed to school c.p.? Better idea: Parental “opt outs” for parents opposed to school c.p.


Editor’s Note: Due to the length of this post, the YOUR FAQ’S segment has been moved to our next post. We PROMISE that the wait will be worth it!


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