TWP has received some rather odd questions for our two Auburn alums Jenny and Wendy. Our lighthearted feature last week was intended to give a more humanized portrait of two of our contributors with a connection -Their college.

What sororities did Jenny and Wendy belong to?

Jenny: No way! I’m not giving away on this blog the name of my sorority which has been on the Auburn campus for nearly 100 years. Just accept the hint “Delta” because that all y’all are getting. (HA HA)

Wendy: Why would we drag our sorority’s name into this blog? My hint is “Sigma” and that may not even be the first letter. (Giggle)

Do you still have your sorority paddles and have you ever used them as teachers?


Wendy: As to the first -Yes, as new pledges, we both had to make “paddles” with our sorority names on them as well as our pledge class member’s names. They were moementos ONLY and never used on any pledge. That would be hazing and is outlawed by all national fraternities and sororities as well as all colleges.

Jenny: As to the second, that seems to imply that we chose teaching so we could paddle. Sure! Speaking for myself; I went through a lot of *#%#@% so I could take the lowest paid profession in the U.S. rather than work as a marine biologist which was my childhood dream. But I, like so many in the teaching field, got a “social conscience” during my college years. The plain answer is NO and the use of c.p. became a reality only later.

Wendy: I second that!

Wendy, did you and Jenny know each other in college?

Wendy: When I started at Auburn as a freshman (or freshgirl if you prefer!), Jenny was already a junior (3rd year) and was ahead of me. I knew of her, as an education major, but did not know her well. Hey, Auburn is 25,000+/- students -That is a lot of people to keep up with for a small town girl like me! (Giggle)

Jenny: Wendy dear, have you already forgotten about “sorority rush night” and the hard sell the Deltas and I put on you to join us? We at the Deltas considered you a “hot prospect” and I was the Rush Officer that year too!

Wendy: HA HA Yeah, I remember…You and a few others cornered me and a couple of my friends one night but I put you off! It was close but some older friends from my hometown belonged to Sigma and thats were I ended up pledging -Just a few houses down the street. But you nailed me a couple times in sorority basketball! (Jenny plays a mean game of basketball!)

Jenny: Hey girl -I don’t remember that, although I did pretty good in intramural basketball.

Wendy: Yeah! At 5″ 10″, you were hard for little me to cover! (Giggle)

Have you two ever used those sorority paddles at home?

Jenny: Absolutely not! I think mine is still in a storage box somewhere in my attic. Its just a keepsake from my college days -And thats all it will ever be.

Wendy: Same for me -Mine is put up somewhere and I haven’t a clue where. FYI: All three of us parents at TWP are probably more permissive with our kids that you readers will ever know! (HA HA HA)



This week was no different than the last few with the usual number of detentions and a few I.S.S. referrals tossed in.

One troubling trend I am finding in our middle school is smoking by a few of our girls in the rest rooms between classes.

However, due to space limitations, readers will have to wait until next week for the full story. But the next segment is a “lookback” at my own smoking escapade and how I dealt with “tobacco trouble.”



The Hazards of Smoking

Smoking for young people is one of those things that every generation has dealt with growing up. Call it teen rebellion, youthful independence (and stupidity) and a bad health choice but each young generation tries it -No matter what parents or teachers say. About 10 or 11, I got the “no smoking lecture” from my mom and dad with an addition from mom,” If I ever catch you smoking or hear about you smoking in school, there will be smoke coming from your rear end when I’m through!” Hey, I didn’t need a translator to understand what momma meant -My butt has a VERY good memory and remembered the two strap episodes all too well. Do understand, my parents were non-smokers themselves as were my older siblings. As a family, we didn’t encourage smoking in our home -Not even from relatives.

But common sense goes out the window in the teen years and just like my older brothers, I too looked for peer acceptance. Unlike my brothers, however; I was a young lady who had to play by a different set of rules than guys. It is what it is -And girls can be extremely fickle about their social networking. Take a young lady trying to fit in with the start of high school and presto -Something will happen.

Only a few weeks into 9th grade, I was asked by prospective “friends”,” Do you smoke?” Being the book “smart” but socially “lame brained”, I said “Yes.” When asked when and where, I dodged and evaded answering but like that t.v. news show “The O’ Reilly Factor”, there was NO way that I was going to “spin” my way out of that question.

So I was put to the test by those who I thought were “hip”. During lunch period, I was to take a “smoke” break behind the school gym. Like an idiot I did, w/o even thinking about possible consequences -Like momma’s strap. And worst of all, I was caught by one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. C. who was my 9th grade English teacher! She professed extreme disappointment as I was escorted to the front office. All my pleas were for naught as I was told,” Student smoking is a Level II offense with three days I.S.S.” I was numb on hearing that. As to c.p., I knew that was not an option because it required a call home. No way -I was FAR more scared of momma’s strap that a stupid paddle!

Therefore, my new strategy S.R.R.E. (Save Renee’s Rear End) was put into action pronto! Since I rode to school with daddy, I just announced that I was going in the front entrance early to study a little more instead of hanging around and waiting on my friends to arrive by bus. Since I.S.S. started earlier as well, no one was any the wiser. I also told daddy that I was working on a project afterschool and wouldn’t be riding the bus home as to ride home with daddy after the football team’s practice AND I.S.S. DISMISSAL!


He agreed!

Lunch was a problem because he monitored that week. But it was a big cafeteria and I decided to play cool if asked where I was since I.S.S. took its lunch last and daddy had a P.E. class during I.S.S. lunch.

My plan S.R.R.E. was working great! I was almost giddy until a close call at I.S.S. dismissal on the second day. As I stepped outside the portable trailer (This is where I got the idea for using “portables” instead of regular classrooms for I.S.S. where I’m now an assistant principal.), the corner of my left eye saw the very large back of DADDY only a short distance away watching football practice. I turned into an instant blur as I dashed for the back entrance into the high school. I thought,” Close call!…I will be much more careful tomorrow -My last I.S.S. day!”

Well, there were no more close calls and I was extra cheerful on the way home with daddy that evening. Strangely, my next oldest brother was riding with friends to their house to hang out. Daddy usually disapproved of that on school nights but this time was different -As I would find out.

Daddy was direct as he -out of the blue- popped the question,”So, hows I.S.S., Renee dear?” (He was grinning too!)

Dumbstruck, all I could say was,”Huh?”

“Renee dear, you can’t fool your ‘ol man’ -So just tell me the truth; what were you in for?”


The pickup truck pulled over to the side of the road as I began to give the most contrite confession of my life.

Then daddy replied calmly,”Renee darling, did you actually THINK you could pull the wool over my eyes that easily?…I’ve been around awhile and raised your three older brothers -One in college, one in the army, and one a high school senior…So nothing gets by me!”

To my great relief, daddy promised not to tell mom but volunteered me for some extra work around the school helping in cleanups and so forth for a couple of weeks. My butt was saved and I looked for and made a better friend’s network than the ones who smoked. Looking back, I realize why my folks were so anti-smoking. They cared and did not want what has happened to a few relatives of mine to happen to my brothers and me -Lung Cancer and Emphysema. That is called LOVE!

As to I.S.S. -I never “rat” on a kid unless the parent asks me first. To this day, I still do not know how daddy found out but I suspect a “rat” (aka “older brother”).



Last week TWP received a response from our “MEMO” that criticized TheHittingStopsHere FACEBOOK community. The comments were sent by a Becky M. and TWP’s responses follows.


I wrote y’all last month-just wanted to defend my position being a member of the hitting stops here-They do make some sweeping statements, but you have to look at the point they are trying to make-most of the paddling states are former slave states.

First Becky dear; not all “legal c.p.” states are southern or ex-slave states. Second, remember that 40 years ago, all states except New Jersey had legal c.p. Third, it makes No sense at all to create a “race issue” where none exists. If you dispute that last point, just try and explain to a black principal or teacher who uses c.p. how “racist” they are. Good luck on that!

Now, I do not agree with every statement that is made by the hitting stops here, but I do believe that even one child being hit to the point that they bleed, or one teenager having his or her privacy invaded by bending over to be hit, even one of these things happening is just too many.

Becky Becky Becky…Come on! “Hit to the point that they bleed”? Speaking for the four of us, I (Renee) have NEVER in my life heard of anything like that! Any case where that happens is ABUSE but to label all c.p. as such is extreme and you lose creditability when you make those kind of claims. Second, exactly how is privacy violated when a few paddle swats are delivered to the seat of a student’s blue jean covered bottom? You sound like someone with a “hang up” to me.

As long as cp is legal there will be sexual predators who want to teach in a cp state just to get close to children’s bottoms.

Do you have proof of this or is that just a rhetorical “hand grenade” which is thrown only when someone loses a debate. It takes at least 4 years of college to become a licensed, degreed teacher -And that doesn’t factor in the financial costs and student loan paybacks. But there IS a problem with inappropriate relationships between teachers and students that TWP addressed at the end of our post AWARD WINNERS… As educators and parents, we at TWP take seriously the “inappropriate relationship” problem that has been in the news the last few years. Just keep in mind that these problems have occurred with older students and TWP disfavors c.p. at the secondary level.

I am sure that some of you are mothers and that you care about children. Would you want a male teacher spanking your 12-17 year old daughter?

Refer to prior reply as to secondary c.p. Also, our school district requires female teachers to administer c.p. to female students. Any male educator that does so to a female student is a *#@@# moron!

Would you want it to be ok for your preschool teacher to shake your 3 year old? (I have seen this happen)

Preschools are not and should not be lumped in with public schools. Their staff typically do not have the training or education background that public school teachers have. Jenny and I (Renee) have our 4 year old boys in a preschool that we know and trust. And if our kids were abused in a way like you describe -Whoever did it would have to be in a Federal Witness Protection Program because SO HELP ME…

Would you want one of your children to suffer bruises and bleeding from an over-zealous paddler, and then find out that there is nothing under the law that can be done to prosecute this person? Would you want your non-verbal autistic child to be strapped into their chair by a teacher, and not find out about it until almost a year had gone by and your child because of the stress has begun to hurt them self?

Brother, you sure are stuck on “bleeding”! No child that we have paddled ever had that problem so TWP believes it is fiction. As to bruising, check out our post IMPLEMENTS AND TECHNIQUES. If the recommendations of that post are followed, there will be NO bruises. (When our kids reach secondary school, we may opt them out of c.p.) As to “overzealous paddlers”, this blog has never excused “abusive padding” but using the threat of lawsuits as a “back-door” c.p. ban is a misuse of the legal system. Prosecuting? If c.p. is legal, then its legal. Tying a child to his seat? Our district disallows that but at the same time, that same child cannot be allowed to hold the rest of the classroom “hostage” by his own inability to behave. There are a range of options our district can use including placement in “self-contained classroom” programs apart from the regular classes. Doing nothing is not an option.

Dear Becky M.,

We at TWP and you disagree on the question “Should c.p. in public schools be banned by state law?” We will just have to agree to disagree on that. But we are not nor have ever been for c.p. without limit. (See post MISSION STATEMENT) TWP believes that locally elected school boards should be the ones to decide if and how c.p. is to be used as a part of school discipline policy. The reason is that local governance of schools reflect the community consensus, including c.p. When a state or federal law overrides local consensus on an issue like school c.p., our schools become “politic footballs”. In this case, career politicians (who do not care about education or children) attempt to micromanage public school discipline policy. Do you want the same folks that debate “tax policy” and which “highway project” to fund running our schools?

Becky, we think you are sincere but misguided in the way you approach the entire issue. The extreme rhetoric does not help your cause -It hurts it! Rather than playing the “race card”, you might do well to start a group called M.O.C.O.P.S. (Moms Opting Children Out of Paddling in Schools). That should be your group’s calling -So go for it! Even if there is no such local policy, parents opposed to c.p. should opt-out anyway with a warning of legal trouble if the request is ignored. Of course, Jordan Riak, Paula Flowe, etc. would have to find another issue (Save David Letterman?) but thats their problem.

Let us know how it works out.


Renee, Jenny, Wendy & Michelle





R,C, pt. VIII




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