MEMO TO “SHARON” (or is your name Sam, Paula, Jestin or Ditty?): Betcha didn’t EVER expect TWP to publish your experiences in the “Discipline Plan” you sent to Wendy, did ya? Well, guess what? Hell just FROZE OVER! Of course, the HELL you are imposing on 2nd graders for minor rules violations is worse…and sickening. But why post it 11-24-2010? First -Because we CAN! An second: As TEACHERSWHOPADDLE ceases postings, we at TWP thought we’d give you something to remember us by. You started this with your little sunt of threatening us and our blog -The segment below  is our response.

SPECIAL MEMO FROM Wendy: Hey Sharon -I figured out why you were so “open” to me in the first place: You intended to “unload” your pathetic “guilt” on someone while playing “high and mighty” with our blog. Sharon -You used me. Just don’t think next year that it will be business as usual with your T.G.I.F. spankings. In fact, you may want to prepare for a change in plans sooner than you think. Your teaching career will be a lot longer in duration than that “plan” -Bet on it! Just remember: The word is already out and the “plan” is ALL over the ‘net. I think our blog will outlive your sick discipline program.


You have also requested that I detail my personal experience in terms of being the Administrator or Witness as part of the weekly process. I think some background would be beneficial first. As a child growing up, the use of spanking was an option in my home and as a Babysitter in College I gave a number of spankings as a sitter. Therefore prior to the classroom plan I did have a frame of reference regarding the use of spanking.Obviously I had no prior experience in a school setting.

As I mentioned previously the 4 teachers rotate weekly as to the Administrator and Witness. As a result I was the Witness the first week and I was the Administrator the 4th week and have yet to have my 2nd turn as Administrator. Being the witness the first week ended up being a mixture of emotions for me. The Teacher assigned to being the Administrator the first week was Brooke, who initiated the idea of the current plan.I think all of us had some nerves and uncertainty leading up to the first Friday as to how it was all going to go.

As I stated earlier, the first week there were 7 students who exceeded 5 demerits. Of the 7, 4 were slated for a hand spanking, 2 for the wooden ruler, and 1 for the paddle based on their demerit totals. It was decided that we would start with the least amount of demerits and work up from there.

When the first student came in, I think I was more nervous then him. To her credit Brooke was very calm and had a caring business like approach if that makes sense.Her experience as a mom was very evident at that point.She was very good at explaining to the student why he was going to be spanked yet at the same time letting him know that his actions for the week were unacceptable.To his credit he was rather composed though that changed a bit when he then was taken over Brooke’s knee. Brooke then proceeded to give him 5 sound spanks with her hand. Hearing the spanking and the child’s reaction was quite surreal. Here the reality of our plan was in full view. Brooke then repeated the same general process for the next 6 students though the responses became much more animated when she used the ruler and paddle. Though I felt a lot of sympathy for the students I also felt a sense of responsibility to make sure they were disciplined properly. I saw first hand how much they did not like the
spankings and hopefully they would serve as a future deterrent. Admittedly the images I saw were ones I thought about for some time but they were ones I was comfortable with.

Three weeks later it was my turn as the Administrator and though I was certainly nervous to some extent I had a calm feeling about me as well. The week I was the Administrator there were only 3 students who were to be spanked. The students were a girl for a hand spanking and two boys for the wooden ruler.I found the responsibility to be enormous while at the same time I felt a sense of empowerment. It was an opportunity to send a direct message to these students for their actions. A certain calm came over me and I was able to give all 3 spankings with a sense of purpose.

In determining the procedures for the Friday afternoon spankings, we tried to keep some general thoughts in mind. Our goal was not to embarrass or humiliate the child but at the same time we felt it was important to make sure that all of our students knew the consequences of misbehavior and as a result we were not going to hide the fact that some students would be spanked each week. Prior to the new discipline plan taking effect, each Friday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00 pm we had an activity called “break-out”. Break-out is where the students can go into either classroom and interact with any student and work on various projects that we have set up at stations in each classroom. After the new classroom discipline plan was implemented we decided to keep the break-out session and utilize the time to administer any necessary spankings. Prior to break-out, the students are gathered as a group and we announce which students have unfortunately exceeded their demerit total for the week. We do not do this to embarrass the students but we want everyone to know that misbehavior has consequences. In addition, the students for the most part already know as I mentioned previously that we keep the demerit charts in the front of each classroom. Once break-out begins, we escort each student out individually when it is their time to be disciplined. As a general rule, we start with the least number of demerits and work upward from there. Because the students are involved in a less formal activity, it is not as obvious when a student is escorted from the room.

As I am sure you know from teaching, reactions from students can vary greatly in terms of discipline as well as other things. This has certainly been the case with our disciplinary program and more specifically before, during, and after the administration of the spankings. Some students start to cry as soon as they are escorted from the classroom and some are very quiet and stoic until the very start of the spanking. However many students fall in between. Once the student enters the office where the spanking is administered, I believe the reality of the situation hits them and usually a reaction of sorts begins. This can be outright crying, pleading and promising to be good and not to be spanked, or an quiet whimpering or silence. During the actual spanking I would say that the reactions have been more consistent. During the spankings I have witnessed or given, every student has cried at some point during the spanking. The level or intensity of crying varies by what is used to administer the spanking with the paddle evoking the most reaction. The combination of these students being 7 and 8 years old along with the fact that the swats are given soundly certainly gets an animated reaction. The level of reaction during the spanking tends to migrate to how long it takes the child to regain his/her composure after the spankiing. We are very patient in allowing the child to regain their composure prior to having them go back to class. Some students regain their composure almost immediately and I witnessed one student take almost 10 minutes to stop crying.

Since I was the Administrator during the 4th week of the program, I had the luxury of observing how things went the previous three weeks. Admittedly on Monday of that week I was more aware and conscious of the demerit chart and the number of demerits that would be handed out. Knowing I would be giving any necessary spankings that week I was very observant of the demerits and which students were receiving them. If I recall correctly, by Wednesday afternoon there had already been one student who had exceeded the 5 demerit limit so I knew I would be giving at least one spanking. Knowing that I began to think about how I would handle that situation and more specifically how I would administer the spanking. As the week went on I definitely had a combination of nerves and anticipation and on Thursday morning during the recess break I had a conversation with Brooke (who administered the first week’s spankings) about how she handled things and her perspective on how to handle the situation. She gave me a feeling of comfort and reconfirmed the purpose of our discipline plan.
Friday morning arrived and I would say my teaching focus was a bit less than 100% as I thought about my duties later in the day.As the day went on I became more confident in my ability and responsibility to handle the situation. As we have joked about before this was not an area they covered in college! The witness on my day was one of the teachers from the other classroom, Nancy. We spoke briefly at lunch and decided that she would also be the one to escort the students from the classroom to the spanking room. About a hour later there I was in the room and the first student was in front of me. The first student was a girl named Cassie and she was generally a very good student but has a bit of a wild side as well. It was also the first time she had exceeded the demerit total. Cassie was very nervous standing in front of me but she was rather composed. I started out by going over why she had received her demerits and why her behavior was unacceptable and that as a result she was going to be receiving a spanking . One of the things I decided to do as part of my approach was to ask the student if they have ever been spanked or paddled before (at home). Not that I would spank any differently but I think it is important to have a frame of reference for the child. In Cassie’s case, she had been spanked before as it is a disciplinary option at home. It was then time to give the spanking and in Cassie’s case it was going to be a hand spanking. At this point a certain calm came over me.
I then proceeded to give Cassie her spanking. I applied 5 sound spanks with my hand as Cassie was positioned over my lap. I believe that a spanking applied over the knee is the safest way to spank at their ages. It was apparent that the spanks were uncomfortable for Cassie and by the 3rd spank she was crying. By the end of the spanking Cassie was crying in earnest. Admittedly it was difficult to see one of my students in pain but I also know it is part of the discipline process. I had Cassie stand up and she was still crying a bit. After giving her a minute or so to calm down a bit we talked about how hopefully this would not be necessary again in the future. After our conversation, Cassie was composed enough to be taken back to class.
As Nancy escorted Cassie back to class, I had an array of emotions come over me. I felt a sense of empowerment that I was able to administer effective discipline and I also felt a deep empathy for Cassie and the other students. This was something I am glad I did not have to do everyday but ultimately something I felt comfortable doing in this environment.I then proceeded to administer the discipline to the other students who had exceeded their demerit totals that week. Though the reactions varied somewhat, the procedure and dynamic proved similar.



We at TWP are not messing around with this segment. Each of us are going to comment on what Sharon has told us -And it is disturbing.

Renee: Sharon droned on about “creating a temporary period of discomfort” and a “short to medium lasting sting”. NO KIDDING! I do not know how you count time but a “child crying for 10 minutes” sounds a little more than temporary or short. At the conclusion of this segment, I’ll have more to say pertaining to the 1/4″ thick ruler and the ping pong paddle -If you read that, the advice may save you from serious trouble in the future.

Jenny: Announcing the names of students to be spanked IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE 2ND GRADE is just sick and unnecessary. Sharon, public humiliation of children may give you a power rush on top of the “empowerment” you get from spanking them but that does NOT make you a good teacher and never will. Finally, your alluding to your own childhood and baby sitting experiences reflects POORLY on YOU. All four of us babysat as teenagers and the possibility of us “spanking” was never even thought of!

Wendy: Any babysitter who even tries something like that -I WILL IMPALE THEM! Do understand, I am no Ben Spock follower but strangers -NO WAY! What I really wonder Sharon is: Could YOU make it through an entire week with no more than 5 minor rules violations? And the entire year? Another to ponder: How do you think the general public is going to regard your “Plan”? And yes -It IS the public’s business! Your teaching salary is paid by the general public.

Michelle: What bothers me the most is the cavalier attitude you have about the entire program. A sense of calm? Are you kidding or just a narcissist? Sharon, I have paddled three students in three years and each one was very hard on me emotionally. And judging from what you said about “empowerment” -That says a lot about YOU and your lack of temperment to be a teacher. How in the hell did you manage to stay in the profession for 3 years? As for me: My “empowerment” came from becoming a TEACHER -Not spanking kids for minor rule violations.

Renee: Hey, Sharon -I was reading about how you “researched” c.p. in other states by examining (online?) 200 student handbooks from other districts. Well -You did admit to being less than 100% on your “spanking” day. Reckon you were up the previous night researching. And that poor girl who was your first -One of your “good” students. I wonder what she will remember you for: A “good education” or a “good spanking” for minor rule violations. I sincerely hope this child can, after this school year, leave you behind as just a “bad memory”.

Jenny: No matter how you spin the numbers Sharon, the four of you managed to spank more children in 6 weeks (27) than the four of us have in our ENTIRE CAREERS. Are y’all trying to break a record of some kind? Here is a thought for you: Outside of the classroom, we at TWP do not live in the immediate community of the school but on occasion still run into some of our “kids” at grocery stores, shops and local festivals. I don’t know who enjoys that more -The “kids” or us (Even the ones we paddled). They have ALWAYS hugged us as like “old friends”. Can you say the same for yourself?

Michelle: One last thing, Sharon: What you said about “JOKING that colleges do NOT teach what you are systematically doing to 7 year olds is not funny at all -It is despicable and reflects what kind of a person you really are.

Renee Special Note: I don’t know what you think about our comments above and do not really care. But if you have any decency at all, you will take a long look at what I say below.

1/4″ thick ruler: This might seem o.k. but has one flaw. While it is as thick as my Kaye paddle (24″ x 4″ x 1/4″), I am sure it is more like one or one and half inched wide. The best thing about my paddle being 4″ wide is NO LINES OR WELTS. If a mother sees several welts like something out of Singapore -There WILL be trouble -Count on it! So ditch it!

Ping Pong Paddle: Seemed o.k. at first to me although 5 swats are too many. While visiting family over Christmas, I saw exactly what a paddle like this looks like. The problem is the large rounded handle and the way it attaches to the paddle blade. When the rear end of one of your students is struck by a ping pong type paddle, the part of the handle connected to the blade ALSO impacts the target. Result: You have a child with a silver dollar sized black bruise on the side of one buttock cheek. Hey, I think I know now why one child cried for ten minutes.

Solution: Use what I used as a 3rd grade teacher: Two or three paddleball paddles glued together. It will be about 1/2″ thick and if it is like mine, the balsa wood is light -But that paddle LOOKS scary to the recipient and the sound on impact is a LOT worse than its sting although the sting does certainly get the child’s attention. The best quality is that the handle and impact area are completely flat which means NO possibility of bruising as long as you limit the # of swats to a reasonable number (below 5).



Sharon, if you think we have been hard on you, check out what other readers are saying. Be forewarned though -These quotes are nasty and TWP does NOT endorse them. There were NO emails supporting the “Discipline Plan”. Quotes are in Bold.

…What kind of a sick joke is this? Or did you monsters at twp just invent this? If not, you have a legal obligation to report this as child abuse… (Bill H.)

…a bunch of sadistic perverts hitting small children! A curse on all of you! (Sue R.)

…pedophiles in our schools preying on 7 year olds? Ban cp NOW! (Chip H.)


Why don’t these so called teachers join an adult club if they want to get off hitting people. Keep your hands off children!!! (Pete G.)

I was abused by teachers for years and to this day consider ALL TEACHERS WHO HIT AS MOLESTERS! (Harry A.)

…at least prostitutes do ‘services’ for consenting adults. You paddlers are LOWER than whores… (J.R.)

…This tgif game that those perverts are playing on those poor kids -Where are the parents? (Ron J.)

…and we wonder why there is so much violence in the world. Great teachers…thats why!!! (Jean M.)

If those brutes think beating children works, they should try it! Speeding ticket 5 paddle licks, overdrawn checking same # as dollar amount and so forth. Think they would still approve of cp then? (Lou C.)

children being molested every friday? What kind of school is this? Where is it? It must be shut down! (Clay B.)

Stupidity like this is why I’m the only person in our school who is authorized to use the paddle. And those dimwits would be told “Get out of my office!” had I been asked to o.k. such a “plan” (Kathy of TWP post A PRINCIPAL’S WARNING)

Note to ALL: This blog does not know where these teachers teach at and would rather NOT KNOW! Please, if any reader does know and wishes to stop this kind of policy -Contact your local media outlets. Letting the sunshine in will make the biggest difference. The “Discipline Plan” can only exist if the majority of the citizens are in the dark about it.



On a lighter note, we at TWP decided that the best way to close out the year would be to let our readers in on our resolutions for the New Year.

Renee: To be more aware as to what some people’s true intentions are and to never allow anyone to ever again “game us” as a young lady attempted to do recently.

Jenny: This will be the year I finally start that organic garden. And Tom WILL help me because I’m going to hid that t.v. remote! So help me!

Wendy: Finally back in 100% condition for those 5k road runs. Next: Get James in shape this year because I want baby Patrick to have TWO role models for healthy living.

Michelle: I will TRY not to rub too much Crimson in the faces of Jenny and Wendy, our two Auburn alums. It will be HARD but I’ll try.






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