MEMO TO TONY B., JESTIN & CO: Reading your so-called “Forum”, I couldn’t help but notice how “fair and balanced” you are. One little ol’blog dares to have a different perspective on the issue of school c.p. and you wish to SHUT IT DOWN! Lucky for us, we live in the U.S.A. where freedom of speech reigns. As to your point on “student privacy”, we’ve said it before and will do so ONE more time: ALL student names are fictional -We would NEVER give their real names any more than our own. Point two: I AM opposed to secondary school c.p. -The kids ARE too old for that in my opinion- but I do NOT have the authority to ban c.p. -Only the school board does. As to MY paddling a 13 year old boy: It was my option and I felt a paddling from me would be less severe than from one of the coaches. Third point: Calling us “terrorist” not only shows you are losing the argument but, in light of the Detroit airliner incident, is plain STUPID!

MEMO TO ALL READERS: Did y’all hear the rumbling out in California? No, it wasn’t Alabama rolling over Texas (You owe me for that one, Michelle!) It was the collapsing of the long held assumptions of the antis about this blog. In other words: TEACHERSWHOPADDLE does NOT automatically approve of every c.p. policy that is brought to our attention. Need proof -Just read our December posts and how we treated the DISCIPLINE PLAN FROM ARIZONA. Because of our criticism, Sharon (The Arizona teacher) reacted “over the line” by threatening our blog and TWP was forced to permanently blacklist her. Well, at least one good thing came out of our handling of Sharon: Total confusion on the anti c.p. zealot side!


As we start the new year, we all try to dispose of old rubbish, junk and litter from the holidays. One bit of trash that TWP is gutting is the DISCIPLINE PLAN FROM ARIZONA. (Please understand though -We ARE keeping that post in the archives with our criticisms) The best way, in our opinion, to “gut” that rubish is to give a real alternative to it by teachers who know how to manage classrooms -Like us!

Sharon’s Discipline Plan Result

The following scenario is probably typical of one out of four children under Sharon and her three teaching cohorts.


Monday: Caught outside classroom drinking at water fountain when tardy bell rings (Despite teacher’s permission). Tardy. Demerit 1

Tuesday: Does not answer roll call when name called because he is looking for pencil in desk. Inattention. Demerit 2

Wednesday: Calls on teacher before raising hand quietly. Disruptive behavior. Demerit 3

Steps out of single file lunch line to wave at someone. Violating cafeteria policy. Demerit 4.

Thursday: Lagging behind and does not turn in classwork with rest of class. Not following class procedures. Demerit 5.

Friday: (T.G.I.F. -Right, Sharon?) Gets up out desk to sharpen pencil w/o asking permission. Couldn’t get teacher’s attention and didn’t want to turn classwork in “too late”. Demerit 6 and a trip across Sharon’s lap for 5 very hard “hand spanks”. Sharon is “empowered” and Larry starts his weekend with Sharon’s hand marks on his buttocks.


This is typical of what we at TWP believe happens every Friday and the so called plan flunks our Judicious, Moderate and Sparing tests. Rather, we would call this plan arbitrary, capricious, and borderline abusive. Especially with regards to the 1/4″ thick ruler and the ping pong paddle with the rounded handle as implements. (See our CRITIQUE post last month)

TWP’S Discipline Plan

In our plan, the goal isn’t to spank/paddle children for “minor rule violations but rather; to change specific behaviors. Do understand though, the paddle is the final option in our plan. Also, we feel that one of the worst traits of Sharon’s plan is that six totally unrelated mistakes or mishaps will result in a “spanking” as the ONLY outcome.

TWP’s Plan

1) First, individual behaviors are “tracked” on a five school day cycle -Not a Mon-Fri fixed system.

2) While the paddle is used after 6 violations -They must occur within the five school day period.

3) Verbal warnings, extra classwork,recess sit ins, detention and parent/teacher conference are steps prior to any c.p.


In our scenario, we have Larry as our example. Larry is an over enthusiastic boy who has a hard time with raising his hand quietly.

Wednesday: First time calling out instead of raising hand. Behavior tracking sheet is pulled out and Larry is put on 5 school day “notice”.

Thursday: Larry messes up again and is given verbal warning. Later that day, Larry again repeats the calling out (third) and receives extra classwork while others go to Library.

Friday: Larry tries but cannot make it through dismissal (fourth) and, on Monday a.m. recess, will sit in AND do extra classwork.

Monday: Day 4 for Larry. He forgets and calls out again (fifth). As a result, on Tuesday he will do extra work, sit in and Detention 1 hour afterschool. During Larry’s detention time, the parent/teacher meeting can be held. In this scenario, the parent is told when the meeting is scheduled that Tuesday is Day 5 and if Larry still persists in calling out instead of raising hand -The paddle will be used.

Larry is made aware every step of the way what the consequences are. Despite the extra work, sit in and detention, Larry still calls out. (sixth) After detention ends, Larry will be escorted from empty classroom where parent/teacher meeting just finished for a 3 swat paddling to be witnessed by another school staff person. Parent is made aware of this but does not observe. If parent so chooses, they may opt child out but an out of school suspension is the alternative. Paddle to be used is small light weight paddleball type paddle and parent can inspect it if they so wish.

If Larry makes it 5 days before the “paddle step” becomes an option, then the slate is wiped clean and Larry has a fresh start on Wednesday as to calling out instead of raising his hand.

The Difference

A little more record keeping for teachers but our plan focuses on a particular behavior and gradually increases the negative consequences. Sharon’s plan dewells on one thing: SPANKING. And that is the ONLY option. We at TWP wonder about the mindset of teachers whose main priority is classroom management by exclusive use of spanking as the ONLY form of negative consequences.

Sharon -Ask yourself this question: When you were 7 years old, do you think you could “make it” every week for an entire school year w/o getting YOUR bottom marked, welted or bruised? Quite frankly, we doubt it. And what will be your “end of year” tally? We reckon it will probably aproach half of the 2nd grade! But hey -Just think of all the empowerment you are getting.

I (Renee) really think you and your cohorts are a bunch of twisted narcissist from what you have told us.

Conclusion: Sharon, there is NO place in education for the way you and your teaching cohorts are treating children under your care. It is sick and disgusting. We at TWP will do everything we can, with what little info we have, to finding out where you teach and bringing to the local/regional media’s attention your so called “Discipline Plan”.

Thats not a threat…IT IS A PROMISE! And we ALWAYS keep our promises.

Ultimatum: Do EVERYONE a big favor and drop your “plan”, Sharon. Hey, there are other means to get empowerment besides giving marks, welts and bruises to 7 year old children.



We at TWP have been asked about what it is like when we “run into” some of our students away from the classroom. This segment will be a part of our posts from time to time and should shed some light on our relations with ALL of our students, both past and present. In this first segment, I (Renee) will go first in recalling my outside-the-classroom/school encounters.


Since I am the most err… experienced member of TWP (Alright, Wendy…You can stop laughing now!…And please dear readers -Don’t email me asking what my age is…o.k.?), my oldest ex-students are in high school now. That means afterschoool and weekend jobs for $$$.

Well, I do most of my family’s grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. And last year, I was pleasantly surprised to see several of my ex-students working at the store where I shop. And talk about extra courtesy: Not only did they bag my groceries with extra care (especially my eggs and bread) but I think they would have helped me carry the sacks into the house if their manager would have permitted it. Walking out while one of them pushed the loaded store cart to my car, I am always being told how great of a teacher I was. Talk about making your day! Of course, I tip generously but I can tell when someone is sincere and those boys who were my ex-students seem to overflow with friendliness.

Betcha wondering if I had paddled any of them.

One I had but wouldn’t have remembered because it was in my second year of teaching and that just didn’t stand out in my memory. But Curt did remember and one Saturday sheepishly mentioned his being a “little terror” back when in my class. We both laughed a little and I said,”I can’t remember too much but you were probably typical…”

Curt shyly responded,”Yes, but when I sucker punched a classmate that time…You paddled my rear end good!”

A dust mite could have knocked me over right then and there.

“Uhh…Curt…Hopefully, I didn’t paddle you TOO hard but as you might recall, I used the paddle only a couple of times that year and only for very serious offenses,” I replied.

Curt smiled and countered,” You were the most ‘fair’ teacher in our school and everyone liked and respected you for that…And as to my seat warming -It wasn’t that bad and I have no hard feelings whatsoever…You will ALWAYS be my favorite teacher!”

I whispered back,”The purpose of a paddling isn’t to physically injure a child but only to sting them briefly so hopefully they do not repeat that bad behavior…Thats all.”

“Well, I never sucker punched anyone again in your class so…,” Curt answered back as I gave him a nice tip.

Curt then reached over and gave me an affectionate hug.

My Tyler pipped in saying, “Are we ready yet?” as I shooed Curt back in the direction of the store. Hey, I don’t want him to be fired from his first job!

I know the zealots will have a hard time understanding this segment but the message is clear: Not all school c.p. is abusive and my ex-students would testify to that!

On the other hand (pardon the pun), I do not believe Sharon and her cohorts want to ever meet their ex-students ten years from now and for good reason. Why? The difference between TWP and Sharon is like day and night.

Sharon, you and your cohorts definitely need to live in a different community from where you teach.



We at TWP have been asked by readers about how we plan to treat any discipline issues with our own kids. That is a fair question but is most relevant to Jenny and me (Renee) because our kids are starting kindergarten this year. Wendy’s baby Patrick is not even a year old yet and Michelle? It is only a matter of time.


As an intern assistant middle school principal, I will never have the opportunity to teach Tyler as a classroom teacher. But I am already his first true teacher -As his mother. Tyler generally has been a trouble free child and I do not anticipate any major issues when he starts school. Observing him a few times at his daycare, I feel confident that he will NOT be a problem child for his teachers.

However, if I ever received a call from his teachers about serious infractions that can lead to a paddling -His school troubles will pale in comparison to when we get home. I have recently talked to Tyler and told him that teachers have enough to do w/o having to drop what they are doing to “discipline” him . Tyler knows my tolerance threshold and has never exhibited the behaviors that can result in a paddling in our school district.

Oh…And if Tyler does get paddled in school, he better not tell me tall tales about 3 foot long paddles either because I will not be in the mood for it.


When my Tommy enters 4th grade (The level I teach), I do not wish to be his regular teacher and feel that it would be a good idea for Michelle to be his 4th grade teacher. He already knows of her since all of us have get-togethers on most Sunday nights. He giggled at first when I explained that Michelle would someday be his teacher. Tommy knows what a spanking is and that teachers have a hard enough job without that chore. Privately, I have told Tommy that Michelle is not a paddler by nature and that she detests doing so. So the idea that Tommy would act so badly that Michelle would need to paddle him will be a “sore” subject for him when we get home. Literally.








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