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Heaven help us all!

MEMO FROM RENEE (EDITOR OF TWP): Y’all saw the message right…I am about to become an intern assistant principal at the middle school in my county school system. But DO NOT WORRY…TWP will continue as it has but with a new “angle” from your’s truly as an education administrator. This move has been in the works for nearly a year but I only got confirmation on Friday the 19th. Since I still need to finish my Master’s degree to be certified in ed. adm., I’ll be an intern for the next 2 years. This means the TWP blog will have some changes but will only be for the better. Watch for future announcements!

MEMO TO “BOB ALOU”: Your tirade was WAY OUT OF BOUNDS and as a result, we at TWP have permanently suspended your comment privileges. This blog is a forum that accepts opposing points of view but with a few restrictions that we have posted on prior occasions. Briefly, they prohibit name-calling, sexual references, and vulgarity -All of which YOU violated REPEATEDLY! Mr Alou, we can handle criticism of our blog but YOU “pushed the envelope” over the edge and all future comments from you will be routed automatically to our spam file. You have only yourself to blame for that.


After getting back from our summer vacations, we all had to catch up on things placed on hold while we were gone such as laundry, grocery shopping, and bills…especially THE BILLS! But we are back and will be resuming the teacherswhopaddle weblog -Although on a less frequent timetable due to school being out until August. But not to worry…there will be future posts.


Until then, we decided to update you on how our summer vacations went and what to expect in the future from TWP. In other words: Future TWP posts coming soon to a computer near you!


Renee: John and I flew to Las Vegas for a few days of “getaway” and truly enjoyed our time with just each other while Tyler stayed with his nanna and poppy. Hey, those one armed bandits (aka slot machines) WILL rob you if you are not careful. I managed to drag John away from too much Blackjack and we hiked part of the Grand Canyon and got to see the Hoover Dam. On the former, it is more awesome to see firsthand than anything you will see on t.v. -And it is HOT out there too! (WHEW!) When we got back and picked Tyler up, we took him to Walt Disney World to see Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, et al. The rides are not meant for 3 1/2 year olds but we all went through the Haunted Mansion -and Tyler LOVED it -To John’s and my surprise. Our vacation was a good one and ended at Daytona Beach before heading home with only some slight sunburn as a negative -Tyler and me!

Jenny: I (Jenny) boo-booed when I told Renee that Thomas and I were going to the Greater Antilles -I meant the Lesser Antilles. Specifically, the Windward Islands and St. Lucia in particular. We took junior with us for the first time on a trip outside the U.S. but he got a little panicky when watching Thomas or me scuba dive from the boat. Well, I guess that can be understood -He is only 3 and just a few months younger than Renee’s Tyler. (Note: Renee and I nickname our two kids when they are together “TNT.” Wonder why?) Thomas and I alternated on our dives so one of us stayed with junior and he was able to see us underwater by way of the glass window in the boat’s hull. The coral reefs off St. Lucia was a sight to behold -SO BEAUTIFUL! We must all strive to protect and preserve the natural wonders of our oceans for future generations.

Wendy: Just traveled around to five different cities to show off little Patrick to all his relatives. While doing so, I also watched out for any cigarette smoke and/or ash trays -We mommas are SOOO protective of our little ones, especially concerning tobacco. My “smoker” family members understood. (They better!) The baptism of Patrick went w/o a hitch and Renee, Jenny, and Michelle were all able to make it! Thanks for being there y’all! (Dear Wendy: We wouldn’t have missed it for anything! -Renee,Jenny, and Michelle)

Michelle: The wedding and reception was out of this world and even though Wendy’s Patrick was baptized only a few days prior -I still made it and got back for the last minute planning for the BIG DAY! Not quite as big as the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana but had to of been the biggest I had ever seen and it was MINE!

As to the honeymoon trip to Hawaii -All I will say is that it was wonderful!

Special note from Renee: Michelle told me that she and her beloved med-school intern Richard had their first “spat” -sort of. I was told that after THREE DAYS in the honeymoon suite, Michelle had enough and declared “I’ve seen you for three days, Richard…I want to see the volcano…WITH OR WITHOUT YOU!” Suffice to say; Richard AND Michelle both saw the volcano. Wanna bet who “wears the pants” in their household? (Giggle Giggle)


I hope you and your fellow teachers have a great vacation and I hope Wendy,the baby and dad are fine. Your advice and stories are easy to relate to with attitudes everywhere. I couldn’t find anything on Jenny discipline, I send Wendy’s story, Michele’s and Rene’s paddling. So does this mean Jenny has all the angels in her control or has she got a story like the rest of your teaching staff. Next question is about how to glue the paddles. On the paddleball ones, do you put a lot of glue on them or do you just outline the edges? And is two together enough or three? You and your team sounds like great teachers and if I was in your state I would want my children in your classes because I know they would learn alot from teachers like your staff and their attitudes might be different too. Keep up the good work and info that is helpful to us.

Thanks for the encouragement. As to Jenny and her “angels,” believe me -They are NOT angelic. Rather, with all the other posts that we have done, accounts of Jenny and her classroom discipline were not posted. But we do have an interesting post about Jenny but it has not been typed up yet. We may do it later this summer. There is a paddling by Jenny alluded to in our post HOW JENNY HANDLED A PARENT’S PADDLING COMPLAINT. That post has been one of our more popular ones we published. (I wonder why?)

As to the use of glue in bonding very thin paddleball paddles together, I recommend using a “super glue” which does not require much application. It takes just a little to bond two or three paddleball paddles -Just be careful because this kind of glue is permanent. The question on bonding two or three together, that is a judgement call. The paddleball paddles are made of a very light balsa wood so they can be thicker than other heavier paddles. Mine is a liitle less than 1/2″ but sounds worse than it feels -But does wonders for extreme misbehavior when the other options fail.

Hello, I am glad I found this website and wish my children had teachers who were as caring and concerned and maintained a good class room conducive to learning like you apparently do. I have long supported paddling done properly in elementary schools and wish it was used more than it is. I think since you rarely have to paddle the students just knowing it is an option act better because they know if they act up too much they will be paddled. What was the second incident that caused you to quit using the take along paddle. I can’t find it on here but since you rated it moderately what could have possible went wrong with it. Keep up the good work.

The second incident you refer to is in Archive Feb. 2009: WHY TWP DOES NOT DIRECTLY POST COMMENTS and HOW TO SEND US YOUR COMMENTS & WENDY’S MISTAKE. As to Wendy “quitting,” she nearly gave up on teaching altogether. All of us reassured her and she will be on extended maternity leave till August 2010. The heavier TAKE ALONG paddle was originally intended by Wendy as more of a “bluff” but which actually backfired. Wendy believes 5th graders are or should be “too old” for paddling. She also told me that if she ever uses a paddle again -it will be the lighter 16″ x 3 1/2″ x 1/4″ paddle that she used prior to the TAKE ALONG paddle. I took the TAKE ALONG paddle that Wendy gave me and gave it to Mr. Smith, our principal.


WHAT EVERY TEACHING APPLICANT NEEDS TO KNOW: This should be a “must read” post for anyone who is entering the teaching profession fresh out of college. All of us at TWP wish we had known the things that college does not prepare you for. Don’t miss it!

THE HAZARDS OF GROWTH AND CHANGE: POLICY SUGGESTIONS FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENTS: This future post is being written with some guidance from James, Wendy’s hubby, who is an attorney. This post arrises from observations I (Renee) made when visiting my father’s hometown last Christmas. That county in North Carolina is one of the fastest growing population areas in the U.S. A sneak preview: The “new growth” in the county that I fondly remember from my own childhood is not all “positive.”

JENNY AND THE CASE OF THE MISSING FROG: This happened a few years ago and IS funny but a certain 4th grader ended up with a sore “sitter.” Coming sometime next month.



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