MEMO TO “Doctor Smith”: Thanks for the tip on New South Wales, Australia’s c.p. ban, reinstatement, and re-ban. Being full-time employed teachers, we at TWP simply do not have the time or resources to cover all aspects of c.p. worldwide like Colin Farrell of corpun.com. Dr. Smith, we found your email in our spam file -we cannot figure out why but we were glad to receive your imput.

MEMO TO “Kevin”: Thank you for the kind words. You are SO SWEET! Wendy was forwarded your comments and she was very appreciative. She understands that her mistake was an honest one and we all at TWP feel badly about it. As such, we all now will only use the paddle for a serious misdeed that we actually SEE/HEAR because no one can take a paddling back!

Dear Readers: A couple of weeks ago when all of the contributors of TWP (Jenny, Wendy, Michelle and me) met for our Sunday get-together to watch our favorite t.v. show “Desperate Housewives” while working on lesson plans …and the TWP Blog, of course! During one of our chats, while our boys (Big and little) were outside, Michelle asked a pointed question: Why do the “anti’s hate us so much?…We are not abusers and set up our blog to speak out AGAINST abusive c.p. in schools! I responded,”Honey dear, the anti-c.p. movement is a religion to a very small group of people who have enormous financial resources and P.R. clout working for them…All we can do is just present our side.” When we finished what we were working on and headed our separate ways, I could tell that sweet Michelle was not satisfied…and neither was I. The following is of MY thoughts but the others are behind me 100%…and the “anti’s better understand this: WE HAVE ONLY BEGUN!


On the surface, this would seem to be a very simple question but how you answer it HONESTLY reveals your true intentions. Please understand that we at TWP do NOT disparage the opinions of people we disagree with. The four of us do not agree on all things all the time. But when we differ among ourselves or with our readers -we just agree to disagree. But in some internet circles such as P.T.A.V.E. and Southern Education web sites and the itdawnedonme echo chamber -there is no room for ANY other opinion or debate. (Scary thought that people like those want to run the country!) The question still remains: WHY?

The first thing to do is to give this disclaimer: For those in the “anti” movement who typically are older adults 50ish to 60ish and were physically abused during the times they attended school -WE AT TWP ARE SORRY AND WISHED IT HAD NEVER HAPPENED! We are also sure that Jordan Riak is having a nervous breakdown as he reads this! (Relax, Mr. Riak and take a break if you need to…You can always come back later!) Sadly, the mindset of folks like these is stuck in that traumatic past and they see every incident of c.p. as a replay of what happened to them. So, by extension, they see us at TWP not only as defenders of what happened long ago but as the same persons that abused them!

Nothing could be further from the truth! As in our MISSION STATEMENT, we believe that any use of c.p. must be Judicious, Moderate, and Sparing. What occurred then and sometimes happens now in news stories posted on the internet is ABUSE -nothing more or less. In all of these cases, we would have stopped the abuse had we been there. But we cannot and no one can “go back.” However, for those who were abused -they go back constantly and that is tragic. To those, we plead to you to get counseling because repeatedly “going back” only hurts YOU! Then, if you have completed counseling, simply move on because 2009 is not 1959. Also, it makes little sense and will not help you to be angry at someone who is probably dead or in a nursing home and cannot remember where their dentures are -much less who they paddled 40 or 50 years ago.

Now that we have given our regards to the victims of abuse, both past and present, lets look at the “big picture” as before the start of TWP.

The “Anti’s”: This collection of individuals and groups is very tiny and the full-time activist number no more than a hundred or so. (Compared to Sierra Club- 1000’s) There are dozens of groups and P.T.A.V.E. is the kingpin and is headed by Jordan Riak. All of the “anti’s” are alike in this regard: There is absolutely NO room for debate, negotiation, or compromise.

The “old school” disciplinarians”: This group is not a group at all -rather, we just labeled all those who support, w/o qualification, all those who carry out corporal punishment in schools and the home. Generally, they tend to be older and with a few exceptions, retired from teaching. The ones active in education are also the same ones who make the news -for the wrong reasons. We do not include those that unintentionally bruised students when paddling them. Intent is the key word and “old schoolers” intended to abuse when paddling. 99% of educators who paddle never set out to bruise or injure -other than a short, sharp sting – and the “old schoolers” are probably less than 1% of active educators today.

Enter TWP: We started this blog as a moderate reform oriented blog and tried to stay in the middle -although as teachers in the real world, we still lean slightly towards the “old schoolers.” For that moderate stance, the “anti’s” have reacted like what Hamas would towards a Jewish preschool! But the question remains -WHY?

WHY: In understanding “why,” one must forget “concern for children”,”improving education”, and even “stop the hitting.” All of these lines are “smokescreens” which hide the true aims of the “anti’s”: Educational Anarchy or “Elimination of rules and standards of Conduct”. A dirty little secret is that these groups oppose school uniforms, suspension policies, and most of all: Local control of schools! A good question to ask people like those is “What school rules on student conduct DO you support?” Their silence will be quite revealing…in TWP’s opinion.

When TWP arrived on the internet, the reaction was definitely like the skunk at the garden party!

The bottom line is that TWP could potentially causes the vast majority in the middle to think and reconsider the “debate.” This is DEADLY for the “anti’s” because their movement is extremist and cannot survive in the moderate middle. What TWP is attempting is called “triangulation.” (I knew that college political science class was good for something besides sleep aide!)

TWP has forced the “anti’s” to make a choice:

Move to the middle and drop the name calling and hate rhetoric or

Stay the present course and marginalize your own movement to the fringe of the American cultural dialog -like the KKK, Neo-Nazi’s, Weathermen Underground, Earth Liberation Front,etc.



Dear Readers: Thanks to the forum “Network54” and “World Corporal Punishment Research” aka corpun.com, we at TWP have tripled our viewership in only a couple of months. During that time, we have also had a deluge of comments/questions sent our way. Some of the best (or worst, depending on your perspective!) are below -with our responses. Enjoy!





Can individual schools or districts have c.p.policies or do the state bans eliminate ALL paddlings in public schools?

Excellent question that goes to the heart of one of our main concerns as educators. The 29 states that have banned c.p. did so on a state-wide basis w/o exception as to public schools. New Jersey also bans private school c.p. as well. At TWP, our problem with this is that the traditional role of the elected school board is undermined by these state bans. In Ohio, there is an effort underway to take the c.p. option away from all local districts after a few retained the policies in the wake of an earlier “state ban.” We believe that such is undemocratic and elitist and that local schools should be run on a local basis.

I believe that TWP is in error about world c.p. -Great Britain, Scotland, and Canada used various sizes of straps and slippers -not just canes.

Ooops! Sorry for the oversight! As full-time teachers, we do not have the time or resources of corpun.com to present the full spectrum of c.p. worldwide. The post U.S. and WORLD CORPORAL PUNISHMENT was our weakest -and we promise to stick to c.p. issues in the U.S.A. from now on!

How can TWP place such an awful story in TEACHERS WHO PADDLE about a young boy being “beaten” by a merciless, sadistic teacher for just “throwing a paper airplane?

We at TWP are really getting tired of this one! So,…here goes: THE STORY IS FICTIONAL! In other words, it was “make believe” -for those readers who never studied literary terminology. As to “merciless” and “sadistic,” go back and reread it again! The teacher hated having to use the paddle and had a “lump” in her throat about it! Doesn’t sound “merciless” or “sadistic” to us -and she actually reduced the total swats from 5 to 3. Finally, the boy had repeatedly thrown “paper airplanes” over the course of more than one day. The fictional “story” is an example of the REAL WORLD experiences of TWP.

What does TWP think about the young boy who was paddled 3 different times in ONE day? (And was bruised!) This occurred in Lawrenceville in YOUR state of Georgia.

First, we have never said that our blog is from the state of Georgia -Just from the southeastern U.S. As to what happened in Lawrenceville -That is the first we have heard of this and TWP will comment when we know more. But it sounds pretty bad and some folks are in BIG trouble because if this is true, it was abusive!

In the blog itdawnedonme.wordpress.com, the author mentions an incident in which a pregnant teenager was paddled for being tardy. What is TWP’s position on this?

As in the previous answer, TWP will refrain from commenting until we find out more from an independent source. If true, that was totally unnecessary because TWP believes paddling older students is a bad idea. (See post WHY TWP OPPOSES SECONDARY SCHOOL CORPORAL PUNISHMENT) Also, paddling a pregnant teen could pose a risk to the unborn child.

I believe TWP is sincerely mistaken about the idea that secondary school paddlings are abusive and elementary school paddling are not -based on male teachers in the former and females in the latter.

If you read our post MISSION STATEMENT, two out of the three cases cited were elementary school paddlings and both were by female educators. So the idea that TWP believes that male teachers who use the paddle in secondary schools are automatically abusive is FALSE. However, if all other things are equal, then it is TWP’s opinion that the likely result of a male teacher giving a paddling that results in bruising is HIGHER than a female. (Note: Poor ol’ Max – When he gives a paddling, Wendy glares and watches him like a hawk -Ready to “pounce” on him if he swings the least bit too hard!)

What does TWP say about the connection between racism and the very institution of paddling in schools (Going back to slavery) and the fact that blacks are paddled at a rate higher than whites?

If by “racism,” you mean that it is “racist” to use the paddle in school -What about black educators that use the paddle in schools? Are they “racists”? (Corpun.com has a clip of a black educator giving a paddling) As to rate of black students paddled, remember that “paddling states” in the south have a higher percentage of black students in their public schools than most northern or west coast states. In TWP’s case, our school has a very small number of black students and none have been paddled by the four of us!

How tall are you ladies? Measurements? Favorite restaurants?

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Hey dude, three of us are happily married with one set for matrimony this summer, Two of us are moms with on one the way -So buzz off and go to match.com for your “lovelife” because we are ALL unavailable!

Can we readers leave comments for different individual contributors of TWP? How about individual email addresses?

As to the first question: YES! But the rules still remain in effect -And no “Romeo” emails either. (See prior FAQ) On the second question: NO -because that would defeat the entire purpose of our blog. All of the contributors are united on this: There is only one way to communicate with TWP and that is by the means provided by wordpress.

When does TWP plan on rating the paddles sold on your link “Spanking Paddles By Walt”? Does TWP get a commission for every paddle purchased?

As of 02-22-2009, TWP made the decision to drop the link to “Spanking Paddles By Walt” because of the negative feedback from all emails on the link. It just wasn’t worth the effort to defend our blog AND a link that we get nothing for. TWP has never received a commission from anyone for this blog linking to them. That should be understandable with the way we graded “Reb’s Paddles” -Only 1 was given a passing grade and another “toss up.”

TWP did NOT put them out of business!

That horrible so-called link of yours “Spank With Love” advocates the spanking of TEENAGERS! How could you put such a link on your site when you claim to oppose secondary school paddling?

First, if you will just go back and read their section on teenagers, you will find that they strongly DISCOURAGE the spanking of older children, including teenagers. The site does leave open the option that if the teen is “cooperative,” he/she can choose it over groundings, for example. We at TWP disagree with that because punishment, in general, is not something to be chosen. As in choosing paddling over I.S.S., we believe that the choice was made when the rules were first broken. In other words, when punishment includes “options,” it ceases to be effective in our opinion. “Teen spanking” is one of those things we are not in agreement with as to SWL but if the requirement was 100% agreement, we would have no links at all.

Was anyone ever caught involving the vandalism incident in the post WENDY’S MISTAKE?

We heard that some young kids were caught in the act of vandalism of some commercial property in a nearby county but that was not connected to the school vandalism in our story -so far as we know.

What is TWP’s position on “Judicial Corporal Punishment”

We promised another reader that TWP would do an EDITORIAL on that subject but haven’t been able to get around to it. We PROMISE that TWP will do a write-up very soon!

What happens if a teacher in your school does not paddle? Are they fired or removed from the classroom?

We thought that had already been answered! The answer is NO -there are some teachers in our school that do not paddle and they are all preK to 2nd grade with one exception. (She hasn’t in several years) Our principal gives us the option if to paddle or not. What he does emphasize is that we, as educators, ARE accountable as to our overall classroom management and academic achievement.

Is TWP a conservative religious blog that believes in creationism, innerrancy, and the like and has a hidden rightwing agenda?

Huh? What tipped you off? Really folks, whoever drew these ideas from this blog needs to get away from his/her computer and take a nice long walk. The fresh air will do their overworked brain some good. As to TWP, our MISSION STATEMENT is the only “agenda” of this blog. Anything else would be “above our pay grade!”

If the teachers of TWP “hate” to paddle so much -why do you do it?

The reason is : The few times that we resort to the paddle, the offense (Students assaulting other students, Profanity in class, Stealing, Willfull destruction of school property, etc.) would otherwise result in a school suspension. We DO NOT, nor have we ever paddled a student for a trivial offense. Also, any parent can opt their kids out of c.p. with just a signed note to the office. (Hey, we will even do the paperwork for them on request!) Of course, the next option is suspension and there is NO opt out on that.

How many students have each of TWP’s contributors paddled in their careers?

The numbers are as follows: (And we estimated on Jenny and me -Renee- in the high range) Renee- No more than 11 in 8 years, Jenny- No more than 8 in 6 years, Wendy- 6 in 4 years, and Michelle- 3 in 3 years.






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