Dear Readers: As we finish eating the last of the Halloween candy with our own children (You gotta be kidding! Do you REALLY think your boy is going to “spread the wealth” with ANYBODY when it comes to HIS candy?-Jenny, Wendy, Michelle) and planning the thanksgiving meal, we at TWP would like to express our own thankfulness with you- our loyal readers. Despite the long hours we spend apart from class time teaching (lesson planning, meetings, parent conferences, etc.), we still get up every morning with the same drive that made us choose to be teachers in the first place. That drive is to teach our students and help them achieve to the best of their ability. Sometimes the job can be thankless and teachers are too often unappreciated but there are things that we ARE thankful for…


I AM THANKFUL FOR real Hershey’s Chocolate “kisses” that only my 3 year old boy can give- When he hasn’t wiped the chocolate off his mouth!

I AM THANKFUL FOR the fact my hubby could be talked out of buying a leaf blower for Christmas. Nothing, in my opinion, sounds worse than a leaf blower (Except a jackhammer) and I like to keep in good standing with the neighborhood.

I AM THANKFUL FOR not having to “fight” rush hour traffic in the county where we live unlike so many of my college friends in the big cities. (Hey, small town life IS slower- And I couldn’t be happier!)

I AM THANKFUL FOR the fact that we are blessed with the freedom to express our own opinions without fear of government sanction. That right is the reason this blog can exist. NEVER TAKE THAT RIGHT FOR GRANTED!


I AM THANKFUL FOR my students who “admit” at the end of the school year,”You are a gooooood teacher!” (Their words-not mine!)

I AM THANKFUL FOR a few cable channels that offer something else besides reality shows or stupid sitcoms. My favorites are History and National Geographic .

I AM THANKFUL FOR whoever invented diet Mellow-Yellow soft beverage.

I AM THANKFUL FOR parents who actually take out the time to check with me on their children’s academic progress. 99% of problems could be quickly solved just by greater parental involvement.


I AM THANKFUL FOR prepackaged smoked turkey breast. (For those of us that are NOT gifted in the culinary arts!)

I AM THANKFUL FOR my students who invite me every year to their family’s Thanksgiving dinner. (I gracefully decline each year because my own family has a prior claim- but the offer always touches my heart!)

I AM THANKFUL FOR the masterful job my husband and man of my life did in finishing the remodeling of the kitchen- just in time for Thanksgiving!

I AM THANKFUL FOR the blessings that we all enjoy in a nation free from the horrors and destitution that is commonplace in too much of the world. We should remember The Giver of these blessings as we enjoy our time with family and friends over the holiday.


I AM THANKFUL FOR stuffing in a box (aka STOVE TOP STUFFING BRAND) because I’m a teacher- not a cook!

I AM THANKFUL FOR the fact that this month was the last payment on my college student loan. Now for these credit cards…

I AM THANKFUL FOR my students (Even the misbehaving ones) who nick name our room “Miss ….(me) FAN CLUB HEADQUARTERS.” If only I could get them to settle down after recess.

I AM THANKFUL FOR Alabama coach Nick Saban who will, on Saturday, defeat “That Other School” after six years of purgatory for all of us Crimson Tide fans- ROLL TIDE!

NOTE TO READERS FROM JENNY (AUBURN ’03) & WENDY (AUBURN ’05): That “Other School” is AUBURN UNIVERSITY which owns 6 straight wins over Alabama- The most in the history between the schools. Dear Readers: What should we do to Michelle if Auburn wins? Y’all make the call!


We hope every one of you have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!


Renee, Wendy, Jenny, & Michelle



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