24. I WISH…

Dear Readers: As the Christmas season draws near, we at TWP are in the middle of all the festivities. Our individual classrooms are decked out in all the traditional colors and decorations (O.k., the Christmas trees are plastic-as per school policy- but the kids don’t mind!) In this joyful season, the children seem to enjoy it the most while we adults stress ourselves out over the little things that are truly meaningless. Well, we have listed below our wishes for this special time of the year.


I WISH that my hubby would not wait until 2 days before Christmas to do HIS Christmas shopping!

I WISH y’all could have heard my hubby’s complaining about Christmas shopping with me last Saturday. (“Honey, I’m going to miss the game on t.v.!” Really?…You didn’t even know who was playing!)

I WISH some people would just GROW UP about Christmas and stop belittling the season and what it means. If you truly hate Christmas…keep to yourselves and let the rest of us enjoy the season!

I WISH that I knew why my 3 year old cries ONLY after sitting on the shopping mall Santa’s lap but NEVER before. (He’s always o.k. afterwards too- like nothing ever happened- but I’m still short $25.00 … regardless!)



I WISH those shopping mall parking lot “NASCAR wanabees” would just “chill-out” and stop tailgating me…I refuse to cause or be in a car accident because someone else is running late for…

I WISH more people would place their spare change in the Salvation Army kettles this year. Every bit helps those in need and there are a lot of needs out there!

I WISH there was more Christmas trees that could be re-planted like the ones I insist my husband get each year. Instead of throwing away the tree after Christmas, imagine what the impact on our environment would be with millions of newly planted trees every year!

I WISH to apply for a “Bailout” before the bills come due in January. (Hey, why not? Everyone else seems to be entitled to one- So my Congressman should expect a letter very soon!)


I WISH our readers could only hear the school choir sing “Jingle Bells.” I know that is non p.c. with the secularists but to hear them joyfully sing their hearts out is touching to me every year.

I WISH “bah humbug” people could melt their own hearts enough to do something for someone else in need- there is plenty to do out there if you look!

I WISH the “bowl games” would skip Christmas Eve- There are too many bowl games already and at least for one night the television should be left off!

I WISH the troubled world we live in would try to have that “Peace on Earth” that was promised so long ago…My wish for everyone this Christmas!


I WISH the local radio station would cease playing the “Canine Jingle Bells” EVERY morning about the time my radio alarm clock goes off! This happens every morning from after Thanksgiving ALL the way to Christmas Eve…I’m a dog-lover but ENOUGH ALREADY!

I WISH the dads of my students paid as much attention to what I have to say at Parent-Teacher Night as the moms do. (I swear- These “dads” must think the “Get To Known Your Kid’s Teacher” Nights are social mixers!)

I WISH Tim Tebow of the Florida Gators good luck in his NFL career next year. (Bad news, dear Michelle- Tebow is a junior and will be back for his senior year in ’09- HA HA- Jenny & Wendy)

I WISH Nick Saban continued success at The University of Alabama as we Crimson Tide fanatics watch our football team march forwards towards a national championship in ’09!



Thanks you, Dear Readers, for making this blog one of the 100 most visited blogs in the WORDPRESS community of blogs. We at TWP are flattered and did not expect that kind of response to our project. Our NEW YEAR’S resolution will be to continue to speak out on the issue of corporal punishment in school- without fear or favor and to ALWAYS tell the truth!







Renee,Jenny,Wendy,& Michelle






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