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MEMO TO “STEPHEN”: We received your comments and have a couple of questions to ask YOU. First, what states did you teach in? By the tone of your “commentary,” you demonstrated that your teaching background was exclusively in northern or western states where paddling has been outlawed. Second, since you presume to know more about our professional training than you actually do, we at TWP wonder if you ever actually set foot on a college campus at all! If you do respond, try not to make a fool of yourself- Your comments were uninformed and quite silly!

Dear Readers: As we at TWP enjoy Christmas time with family and friends, we also come to the end of the year and the NEW YEAR celebrations. It is customary for many people to make changes to start the new year with. We at TWP couldn’t agree more and decided to show what we think the goals of this new year should be. Readers, if you would like to share your ideas with us- Do so, but be NICE!



Namecalling such as “sadist”, “pervert”, “pedophile”, “molester”,”rapist” and “postitute” to name a few. We can all agree to disagree but the discussion must stay civil. Those on the anti-c.p. side must understand that namecalling hurts YOUR CAUSE more than us because there are professional educators among your supporters.

Disrespect for authority. Some of our readers think the best classrooms have teachers with no authority. We at TWP think our own students understand the need for adult supervision more than those readers.

Teachers as “babysitters.” Eventually, those with “control issues” will grow up and come to the realization that some rules are a lot better for education than anarchy without rules.

Large,Heavy,Thick Paddles With Holes. It may come as a shock to the anti-c.p. zealots but we at TWP totally condenm the usage of such in our schools because to do so only gives the total ban crowd more ammo. (See our post “IMPLEMENTS and TECHNIQUES”)

Bruising. There is no reason for any student to be bruised by paddle swats given in a moderate fashion. We at TWP give paddlings rarely and have never bruised a single student in our care. The only reason bruising happens is that angry educators use too much force and improper implements.


Respect for all educators, including those who occasionally use the paddle in a moderate manner. Those opposed to paddling may remain so but respect is the key word. After all, teachers work long hours in their profession grading papers (When they are turned in ON TIME!), lesson planning, staff development, etc.

Support for all teachers by the parents. If parents would just work WITH teachers- Think how many problems could be averted with a simple afterschool “chat” instead of meeting a teacher only to complain about how unfair or biased he/she is.

Teacher as authority figure. Sometimes, we at TWP think some parents simply do not understand that the classroom is NOT a “micro-democracy.” The teacher is THE AUTHORITY because that is a part of OUR JOB! If everyone (Parents and Children) would just accept that fact of life, education would be better for all.

Stinging rebuke as paddling result. No teacher in his/her right mind wants, seeks, or desires to use a paddle which TWP believes is the worst part of our job. However, we prefer using the paddle over suspension which disrupts a child’s educational progress. Even so, if our post IMPLEMENTS and TECHNIQUES is followed, there will be no bruising but rather a short term sore bottom with a stinging rebuke that will change behavior when all else fails.

Lighter Paddles. As discussed in previous header, sometimes a paddling is the last option before suspension. When this arises, the most appropriate paddle is like those in stores with the string and rubber ball attached.(Mine is oval shaped 8″ x 6″ x 1/4″) For older children (Grades 4 to 6), find three large thin paint paddles (About 16″ x 3 1/2″) and super-glue them together so the thickness is about 1/4″ and you have a scary but light weight instrument that will sting but not bruise.





Renee,Jenny,Wendy,& Michelle



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