Dear Readers: The following blog may make some people very uncomfortable- especially those who are totally opposed to corporal punishment. While it is not our intention to upset anyone, the issue of the use of the paddle needs to include coverage of actual implements and frank descriptions of techniques. Those who might be offended by this should skip this blog OR CLICK ON THE BACK ARROW.



It has come to our attention by one of our dear readers that the link REB’s PADDLES is a “spanking fetish” consensual adult site. We at TWP understood this but wanted to set up a way that you, our readers, could see what various paddle types we talk about actually look like. Neither this blog nor the link in any way endorses or seeks to promote any fetish. Our purpose has been and will always be to give a different perspective on the issue of corporal punishment in U.S. schools.

(02/07/2009) It has come to TWP’s attention that the “Reb’s Paddle” link no longer works. This post will be retained for its original purpose as stated above.



This section deals with the actual implements used in corporal punishment in school. The names of various paddles are from our links with Reb’s Paddles or Officeplayground. These are internet sites whose paddles we rated from HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE to HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Our criteria was based on the following:LENGTH, WIDTH,THICKNESS, and IMPACT.


COACH: This is by far the largest paddle we could find on the internet as the best example of the worst possible paddle one could use. This monster comes very close to the one mentioned by Ted Gup in his story in Salon.com a few years ago. The measurements are 27″x 4″x 1/2″ and we at TWP consider this HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE for corporal punishment at any level. Finally, the IMPACT is so severe and bruising that any educator that contemplates using it should be stopped if other educators want the general corporal punishment policy to be retained. (www.reb-online.com/coach.htm)

18″: This paddle, the “little brother of Coach” is not much better and worst of all, is the most common paddle type used in schools today. The measurements are 18″x3 1/2″ x 1/2″ and we at TWP believe that any paddle close to this size is HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE. Like “Coach,” the IMPACT of this paddle is too severe and bruising. Also, using this paddle opens educators up to the accusation of abuse. (www.reb-online.com/18.htm)

SCHOOL HOUSE: The idiot who invented this montrosity had to have been a sadistic sicko- certainly not a teacher! Its measurements are 25 1/2″x 2 1/2″ x 1/2″ and because of that, TWP’s grade is HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE. The IMPACT is actually worse, not because of the holes, but rather the narrowness which would leave a horizontial bruise “stripe” across the buttocks. That and the holes are good only for wrecking careers and lawsuits. (www.reb-online.com/schoolhouse.htm)

TAKE ALONG: This strangely named paddle is o.k. if used carefully and applied to older elementary children such as 5th or 6th grade. The measurements are 11″x 4″x 1/2″ and because of its thickness being 1/2″, TWP’s assessment is MODERATE and the decision should be left to the individual educator. The IMPACT will be some redness but if the number of swats is minimized (no more than 3), there should be little residual effects other than a bit of soreness for about an hour.(www.reb-online.com/takealong.htm)

THIN: This paddle is the favorite of the contributors to this blog who all teach 3rd to 5th grade. The measurements are 13 1/2 “x3 1/2″x 1/4” and the best quality of this paddle is that it is indeed thin! While the IMPACT will certainly leave a sharp sting, no bruising will occur except perhaps to the ego. TWP’s only wish is that the THIN was a little wider instead of 3 1/2 “. Still, the thin gets TWP’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ranking.(www.reb-online.com/thin.htm)

PADDLEBALL: The only paddle not made by reb’s paddles, we had to really search for this one. A teacher friend of ours who teaches preK showed us her little paddle but could not tell where it came from since she got it from another teacher who left for a position out of state. This cute paddle is meant only for prek to 2nd grade and, because of the light and thin balsa wood, should be double or triple layered to prevent breaking. Even then, the IMPACT will be only a lite sting with no chance of bruising if used with just one or two pops.The measurements are 8″x5″x1/5″ and the single layer thickness is an estimate. TWP’s rating is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and who knows- maybe a single taste of this paddle will deter the little terrors from behaving badly in school later!


HOLES: We at TWP have heard all the rhetoric about air resistance, increased velocity, and added “sting” and this line of thinking leads to legal trouble and ruined careers- just ask any of the teachers who are mentioned in http://www.corpun.com.

DOUBLE HANDED HANDLES: This should be a joke but is not. Any teacher who uses a two handed grip on a paddle should not be working in education period! Enough said!

SHARP EDGES/CORNERS: One of our contributors took a second look at her THIN-like paddle and decided to smooth out the corners a bit more. That ought to show all of you readers what kind of people we really are-CARING and SENSITIVE towards our “kids.”


Even though we at TWP really do care about our charges, when the time arises that requires corporal punishment, we use reasonable but firm techniques. Unfortunately, not all educators do so and we have addressed four techniques below- 2 BAD and 1 GOOD with 3 POSITIONS as well.


SLEDGEHAMMER:Unbelievable but true, this method involves a child bent over a couch or across a table and the administrator holding a large paddle with both hands like a construction site sledgehammer high above his/her head and bring said paddle downward with maximum force. This can only bruise and should be stopped by witnesses and prohibited by school board policy.

BASEBALL GRAND SLAM: Like SLEDGEHAMMER, this is something only a moron for a teacher would consider- Swinging a paddle like a baseball bat with both hands. This is too extreme and no witness should allow this type of technique to be used- much less school board policy!


TENNIS SWING: The only method endorsed by TWP, it is what it is called- a tennis racket-like swing about 90 degrees from start to impact and parallel with floor. Also, teacher should use only single handed grip of paddle with other hand on lower back of recipient. The hand on lower back will prevent an accidental blow to any area other than the intended target-the buttocks. In addition, if recipient ducks or turns, the teacher will detect that in time to stop the paddle swing and avoid an accident.


OVER THE KNEE: The classical spanking position is not recommended by TWP for school corporal punishment but is not unheard of with the youngest children. The teacher mentioned with the PADDLEBALL paddle did use this sometimes but never more than a couple of times.

BEND OVER CHAIR: When a child needs to grip something, this is best and as an extra benefit, the hands are less likely to flail back-thereby avoiding injury. Regardless, both teacher and witness need to watch out for the hands.

BEND OVER WITH HANDS AGAINST WALL: Better than previous, this position works best with older kids. The best advantage is that no chair is needed and the child’s hands are watched more easily by the witness.




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